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It’s TV that will keep them coming back.

Execulink’s Link TV service is exactly what you’ve been looking for. With tons of HD channels to choose from, affordable package options, Cloud DVR features, Video-on-Demand and Pay-Per-View events, Link TV will maximize your business’ potential and give your customers and employees one more reason to love coming to your establishment.  

Included with your Link TV Starter Package:

25+ Channels to Start

The Starter Pack comes with 25+ channels. A perfect base to build your Link TV service on.

Affordable Options

Add as much or as little as you want - your TV channel package is up to you! There are a ton of great HD channels to choose from.


Customize your service with Theme Packs, Pick Packs, Single Pick and Cloud DVR options!

Catch-Up TV

Available on most channels, the Catch-Up TV feature lets you watch a program up to 24-hours after it originally aired!

5 Hours of Cloud DVR

Enjoy 5 hours of Cloud DVR recording with the ability to pause, record, rewind and restart your program. Add more as needed!

Execulink TV App

Our exclusive Execulink TV app lets you watch live TV on your Smart TV, phone or tablet!

Check out all our awesome Link TV packages and options below.

Link TV is packed with options to create the perfect solution for your business.


Premium Sports Packs

It’s game time! Keep your customers coming back for every dunk, pass, save and serve with these premium sports pack options.

Pricing based on capacity.


Get a fantastic HD selection of TSN channels.


Get a fantastic HD selection of Sportsnet channels and more.

Pick Packs

Our Pick Pack options allow you to build your perfect package in groups of 10, 15, or 25 at an affordable price! Just the stuff you want, and nothing else. 

Contact us for more information.

pick 10 box

Pick 10

Create a package of 10 of your favourite channels for only $15/month.

pick 15 box

Pick 15

Create a package of 15 of your favourite channels for only $20/month.

Pick 25

Create a package of 25 of your favourite channels for only $30/month.

Single Picks

With a wide variety to choose from, our Single Pick option allow you to pick just the particular channels you want at a great price. 

Contact us for more information.

single pick magnifying glass

Single Picks

Choose just your favourite channels at either $3.50/month or $4.50/month.

premium single pick magnifying glass

Premium Single Picks

Choose your favourite premium programming with prices ranging from $7 - $17.00/month.

Cloud DVR

Cloud DVR is included with most Link TV lineups, and allows you to pause, restart, and record your programs. 

Contact us for more information.

DVR Controls

It's Cloud DVR and it's super easy! Pause, rewind, and restart your programs at the click of a button.

Record to the Cloud

Enjoy 5 hours of Cloud DVR recording included with your Starter Pack, with the ability to add more as you go.

Catch-Up TV

Catch-Up TV is now included with your Starter Pack! With Catch-Up TV you can watch your programs up to 24 hours after they orginally aired!

More TV Benefits

Free Previews

Try before you buy! Our free previews let you test drive a channel absolutely free.

TV Everywhere

Watch your favourite movies and shows wherever you are on any device!

Frequently Asked Questions

These are our most common questions about our services.

This is a device required that enables you to access Link TV programming on your TV.

You can watch Link TV programming on your TV via your set-top box, or on your Smart TV, Smart TV streaming device, phone or tablet using the Execulink TV app. 

To learn more about all the ways to watch Link TV, or to see if your device is compatible with our app, click here.

Prices for Set-Top Boxes start at $7.95. The type of Set-Top Box varies depending on the type of TV service available at your address.

We are always adding more channels to our lineup. You can request a particular channel by e-mailing us at weconnect@execulinktelecom.ca.

The Catch-Up TV feature is available on most channels and allows you to watch a program up to 24-hours after it originally aired, so you never have to miss your show again!

How to Use Catch-Up TV:

  1. Open the Guide and navigate to the channel your program is on.
  2. Use the left arrow button on your remote to navigate to the show that aired up to 24-hours ago.
  3. Press OK on the show to begin watching.

Ready to Learn More?

Thank you for expressing interest in our business TV services. Please take a moment to fill out the form below, and one of our team members will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your needs in more detail.

Build Your Link TV

Step 1: Link TV Starter Pack

Every Link TV service comes with a starter package, giving you all the local content you expect and deserve. The channels in your starter are influenced by where you live. The starter package is required for all Link TV services.

Step 2: Theme Packs

Themes are a quick way to get lots of related content. From movies to sports, there's likely a theme pack for you! Themes are entirely optional. If you'd rather build your own custom package, you can do that with Pick Packs. Or you can do both!

Step 3: Pick Packs

Use Pick Packs to build your perfect package. Just the stuff you want, and nothing else. Add as many channels as you want in groups of ten or fifteen. If you only want a few channels, check out our Single Picks (next step).

Coming Soon

We’re working hard behind the scenes to make Pick Packs available in your area. Check back here soon!

Step 4: Single Picks

If you just want a few great channels, you've come to the the right place. You can pick as many as you want.

Pick Channels

Step 5: Devices

Execulink's TV service can be enjoyed on phones, tablets, and TVs.

For an awesome experience on your television, we recommend renting a set-top box.

Choose your Set-Top Box to customize your TV experience.

Step 6: Cloud DVR

Cloud DVR allows you to pause, restart, and record your TV, and is included with your Link TV Starter. Add Catch Up TV to your service to watch programs up to 24 hours after originally airing. Add extra hours to record more programs. All services include five hours of recording time.

Catch Up TV

TV Package Summary

You're all set to purchase Link TV from Execulink Telecom. Please review your order below.

Base Package

The base package cost, includes starter channels

Theme Packs


Pick Packs


Single Picks




Cloud DVR

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