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Experience Awesome with Fibre to the Home

Execulink Telecom is excited to bring the next generation of telecommunications technology to a wide variety of towns in Southwestern Ontario!

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What is Fibre Internet?

Fibre Internet refers to its delivery method of optical fibre. Optical fibre is a flexible, transparent fibre made of glass or plastic, and is only slightly thicker than a human hair! Fibre replaces traditional, out-of-date copper wiring previously installed in homes and buildings with a more modern connection capable of delivering the next generation of Phone, Internet and TV services.

What is Fibre to the Home?

‘Fibre to the Home’ means that the connection is brought directly to your home, as opposed to other telecoms’ methods which often only bring the fibre to your neighbourhood (where the connection and speeds are shared with your neighbours). We want you to experience true Fibre, a quality service that gives you and your family only the best of the best Internet, TV and Home Phone. 

Benefits of Fibre

The benefits of Fibre are nearly endless. Not only does it deliver the fastest speeds in Ontario, but it is more reliable than any other type of Internet.

Higher Quality

Execulink’s Fibre to the Home network provides the most robust, secure and cost-effective solution for bringing truly high-speed broadband to individual homes.


It can manage a significantly higher data rate (bandwidth) over greater distances, and it is not subject to transmission interference like copper, coaxial cable, and wireless services.


Fibre optic technology has been used for years in large businesses and corporations to deliver voice and data services.


Execulink's Fibre to the Home network will be deployed underground, snow and rain precipitation will not affect the service. Also, since fibre is made of glass and does not conduct electricity, it is not affected by certain weather conditions such as lightning.


Fibre has the capability to transport virtually unlimited bandwidth. This will accommodate today’s demand for high speed connections as well as the advanced applications of tomorrow – whether voice, video or internet.


Deploying a Fibre Network has not only allowed Execulink to improve our current Phone and Internet services, but we can now offer TV services in a variety of areas. Get all three services on one bill, complete with 24/7 local customer support.

Stay Connected with 1 Gbps!

These days we are streaming, gaming and surfing more than ever with multiple devices connected at the same time. Upgrade to a speed that keeps up with 1 Gbps Unlimited Fibre Internet for the affordable price of only $110/month! 


Not only will you receive an awesome experience, but you’ll also enjoy peace of mind with these three guarantees available on a 2-yr commitment:

  Move Guarantee: If you move to another address in which Execulink cannot provide service, the agreement will cancel without penalty.

  Price Guarantee: We guarantee to keep the same price for basic Phone, Internet and TV packaging for the length of your contract.

  Satisfaction Guarantee: If you aren’t satisfied with your service in the first 3 months, you can leave without penalty.

Where Do We Have Fibre?

We believe in the power of Fibre and we think you will too. That’s why we are so excited to be delivering Fibre to towns across Southwestern Ontario. 

Want to know if you can get Fibre?  Please use our handy address tool and head over to the Internet page to find out if Fibre is available in your area.


We’re now installing in Port Dover!

As if living by the beach wasn’t awesome enough, we’re giving you even more reasons why living in Port Dover is truly awesome! We are proud to be installing our amazing Fibre services to residents of the Port Dover area. 

Are you from Port Dover? Click on the button below to view a map of our construction in your town.

Construction & Cleanup Process

We want to be transparent about the process of installation, which potentially requires digging on your property. However, we assure you that we are committed to cleaning up our mess to your satisfaction. We will repair any damage to your lawn by reseeding any ground where we have dug, so that your lawn grows back as beautiful as it was before!

PLEASE NOTE: If you would NOT like us to seed your lawn, please contact us immediately at 1.866.765.2282 so we can make a note of that for future reference.

Lawn Care Tips

Follow the tips below after we’ve completed our seeding process to achieve the perfect lawn!


A new lawn should ideally be watered 3-4 times each day for the first 2-2½ weeks, with a watering cycle of normally 15-20 minutes. The lawn should be kept lightly damp and water should not run or puddle on the lawn. Watch the weather and adjust your watering accordingly. Under hot conditions, more watering may be required.


As soon as the lawn is 3 inches high it is time for the first cut. Subsequent cuttings should be done often and more than 1/3 of the grass should be cut off at one time. Do not collect grass clippings the first couple of times; allow the clippings to fall on the lawn and be used as a mulching compost.


Your new lawn should be fertilized, with a high nitrogen fertilizer (such as 34-17-0 or 26-14-0-6) again in about 4 weeks after initial seeding and application. Fertilizing too early will burn the grass, and possibly kill the new lawn.


Do not use weed control products on new young grass because at this stage it may react severely to those chemicals and die. Weeds germinate quicker than grass seed therefore, do not be concerned when weeds appear. As the grass becomes established, many weeds cannot survive the grass root system and will be choked out.

We Value Your Feedback!

When we finish cleaning up we like to make sure that it’s done to your total satisfaction. If you have any feedback, please contact us at 1.866.765.2282 and we would be happy to listen and answer and questions or concerns you might have.

How Easy is it to Switch to Fibre?

Worried about switching over to Fibre from your current services? Don’t! We strive to make it a stress-free process from beginning to end.

Check out the following video of the experience of one of our many happy Fibre to the Home customers:

Testimonials from our Happy Customers 

Far too often in our industry we hear stories of terrible customer service, high prices and false promises. We want to change the game and give you a better story to tell your friends.

“If you are given the opportunity to get Execulink fibre optics, get it. Excellent service and fair prices. Love it!”
“My family and I have enjoyed our new TV package and love our high speed internet. Also the fact that when I call I actually talk with someone in Delhi. Awesome customer service.”
"Installers did a great job ... very nice fellows!!”
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