Get the Phone experience you deserve.

You deserve an awesome Phone plan.

Getting a home phone service shouldn't be complicated. At Execulink, we keep it simple by giving you the home phone plan you deserve, complete with all the popular features you love like Call Waiting, Call Display, Call Forwarding and more.


7 Free calling
  • Call Display included
  • Call Waiting included
  • Affordable Long Distance options
  • Affordable Voicemail options

Why Choose Execulink Phone service?

At Execulink, we want to give you an experience you will share with your friends and family.

We've been a telephone company for over a century.

We have been in the telephone game since 1904! We are as knowledgeable as the big guys but won't treat you like a number.

This Phone service is packed with goodies.

FREE Call Display, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Speed Calling, Automatic Recall, Selective Call Rejection, 3-Way Calling, and more!

Keep your same phone number.

No need to worry about memorizing a new phone number! When you switch to Execulink, you can keep your current one!

Frequently Asked Questions

These are our most common questions about our services.

VoIP is short for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It’s a kind of hardware and software that allows people to use the Internet as the medium to send and receive telephone calls, rather than your traditional telephone line.

Digital Phone Service is another name given to VoIP Phone, which is phone delivered over the Internet. 

Analog or landline phone, is your traditional telephone service over a telephone line. 

The benefit of analog phone is that it will continue working, even if the power goes out.

Our Long Distance rates vary depending on the type of service you qualify for. Please click on the Learn More button of the Phone service you qualify for above to find out more.

In most cases you will be able to keep your same telephone number when you transfer to Execulink phone services.

Although the setup of your Internet, TV and Phone services can vary slightly depending on your Internet type and the hardware used, in general your setup will look something like this:

Please note: Additional fees may apply. Pricing is valid as of today’s date and may change in accordance with market trends. Services and rates are not available in all areas. Please read the individual product details for more information about each service.

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