Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

Are you currently a ‘Microsoft Teams’ business or considering Microsoft 365?

Integrate Execulink’s Direct Routing into Microsoft Teams and turn your Teams environment into a business phone system with enterprise-grade voice capabilities. Make and receive calls from your Teams app, on any device, from anywhere.

How Does Direct Routing Work?

Direct Routing works by enabling voice connectivity between your customers and employees through Execulinks ISP-grade access to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) with the help of a secure, hosted Session Border Controller (SBC).

Certified SBCs are a firewall for VoIP and provide a layer of security and protection from attacks, breaches, and Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS), while providing Quality of Service (QoS) between multiple networks

Unlike other providers, Execulink leverages a geographically redundant SBC network hosted on Canadian soil to connect to a Microsoft Teams PBX.

Calling Plans Comparison

Execulink Direct Routing vs. Microsoft Calling Plans

Execulink Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

$ 8
  • Simple per user subscription
  • Ability to port existing numbers
  • No hardware or software required
  • Keep all services under one provider
  • Ease of migration to MS Teams
  • Carriers & Locations: Customize your calling plans based on your needs
  • Long Distance Plans: Nationwide coverage and American calling options including affordable long distance plans
  • STIR-SHAKEN Compliant
  • Geographical Redundant SBC’s
  • Hosted on Canadian Soil
  • PSTN Reliability: 99.998%

Microsoft Calling Plans

$ 12
  • Simple per user subscription
  • Ability to port existing numbers
  • No hardware or software required
  • Services under multiple providers
  • Ease of migration to MS Teams
  • Carriers & Locations: Strict limitations on carrier and location
  • Long Distance Plans: 3,000 minutes/user/month within US and CA
  • STIR-SHAKEN Compliant
  • Geographical Redundant SBC’s
  • Not Hosted in Canada
  • PSTN Reliability: 99.90%

* To make or receive phone calls to or from external phone numbers in Microsoft Teams, users need a Microsoft 365 Business Voice license.

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

Get the performance and reliability you deserve.

Unified Communications

With Direct Routing your Teams platform transforms into a business phone system with full PBX voice calling capabilities inside and outside your organization.

Greater Flexibility

Microsoft has strict limitations on carriers and location. Partnering with Execulink to host your PBX lets you customize your calling plans based on your needs.

Business Continuity

Keep your existing customer facing numbers and DIDs so you can migrate your users to Teams with ease.

Reliable PSTN Access

Our SBC’s are hosted on Canadian soil and have geographical and physical redundancy, ensuring impeccable uptime so your calls go uninterrupted.

Broader Geographic Coverage

Execulink has nationwide coverage and North American calling options including long distance.

Lower Rates

Lower rates than Microsoft Calling Plans and no need for separate contracts with different carriers across regions.

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Why Choose Execulink?

Our mission is to enhance your business and give it the tools it needs to succeed. We are proud to be a local telecom company with a global feel. As your neighbour, we make it our goal to give all our clients the best customer service they have ever experienced.

Our Customers Say It Best

Our only goal is to provide your business with the awesome experience you deserve.
Check out these testimonials from some of our happy customers who chose Execulink!

Township of Wilmot

The Township of Wilmot is pleased with the migration from our Cisco Phone System to the Execulink Hybrid Teams Direct Routing phone system. In going into the project Execulink was very open with their capabilities and the fact that we would be one of their first corporate customers onboarded to this setup. With that in mind the Township was willing to accept the probability of a few roadblocks and was pleasantly surprised with the delivery of an almost seamless migration to our new Phone system setup. For any issues during setup and migration the Team at Execulink were quick to get the issue identified and either solve or create a work around. After several months of use we are happy to say we are satisfied with our choice of product and Execulink.

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