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Remote Support

Execulink Technical Support is pleased to provide Remote Support to your computer when you have an Internet connection, but require assistance configuring Execulink services, such as email. Please note that you will need to be at your computer while on the phone or Live Chat with an Execulink Technical Support agent for the duration of the support session.

Please read these Terms of Service before beginning your download:

Terms of Service:

By clicking ‘Download’, you are requesting a Remote Support session with an Execulink Telecom support agent. You accept responsibility for any changes made to your computer and liability related to its contents. For your privacy, please close any applications, folders or documents containing confidential information.

You may disconnect the session at any time by closing the TeamViewer window. To enhance our staff training and your security, Execulink records all Remote Support sessions.

Download Tips:

Start by choosing the appropriate download for your computer’s operating system – Microsoft Windows or Mac OSX. If you’re using Internet Explorer to download the Remote Support program, choose ‘Run’ rather than ‘Save.‘ Other Web browsers will require you to ‘Save’ then ‘Run’ or ‘Open’ the software.

Please approve any security prompts for TeamViewer. When the program opens, please ‘Accept’ the disclaimer, and then read the Execulink technician your nine-digit ID number and four-digit password.