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Welcome to Internet support at your fingertips. With our Execulink Helps app, you can easily diagnose Wi-Fi issues and improve your home network anytime, day or night.

when should i use execulink helps?

Speed Issues

If you're noticing your Internet speed is lower than it should be, Execulink Helps can diagnose what may be causing that.

Video Buffering

If your video spends more time loading than playing, you may have issues with your network which Execulink Helps can assist in resolving.

Wireless (Wi-Fi) Coverage Issues

Is your Wi-Fi not following you throughout your home? Execulink Helps can examine your network to see if there are any ways to boost your signal.

Devices Dropping off Network

If you find your devices are randomly dropping off your network there may be an easy way to solve that.

Play Video

Watch the tutorial to learn how to install and use Execulink Helps.

how to use execulink helps

Download the App.

Download the app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Open App & Click Begin.

Once the app is installed, open it and click on the button labelled "Begin".

Select Network Scan

Select NETWORK SCAN to start the diagnosis. Make sure you are standing next to your router (about 1 metre or 3 feet away) before starting the scan. The scan takes about 2 minutes. Do not minimize the app or check notifications while the scan is running.

Check Results

When the scan completes, you will see a screen displaying your WIRELESS speed test result. Remember, wireless speeds are expected to be about 10-20% slower than your wired speeds.

Improve Network if Necessary

To see suggestions on how to improve your network speed and connectivity, click IMPROVE NETWORK HEALTH at the bottom of the screen. Follow the instructions on the following screen.

need further assistance?

Our Customer Care team is ready 24/7 if you need us. 

Running a scan is helpful and will speed up troubleshooting – Each scan you run will produce a unique key in the top right which you should provide to us for further troubleshooting purposes. 

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