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BBC Earth

Feb 26 - Apr 28

Link TV: 175 Basic TV: 273

BBC Earth seeks to connect everyone with the incredible wonders of our world. We will take you on a thrilling journey of discovery, from the smallest creatures to the limitless expanse of space. BBC Earth brings you face to face with heart-pounding action, mind-blowing ideas and the wonder of being human. We push boundaries, combining imagination with technology, to create surprising new ways to open your eyes to the amazing world we live in.

Cooking Channel

April 1 - April 30

Link TV: 147 Basic TV: 584

Whether you crave in-depth how-tos, global cuisines, wines and spirits, international travel or cross-country bites, history and hidden gems, or even classic cooking shows, we're ready to serve it up to you. Cooking Channel — stay hungry.

Cottage Life

Feb 26 - Apr 28

Link TV: 142 Basic TV: 510

Cottage Life channel celebrates the people places and activities closest to the heart of Canada. Entertaining and informative shows on favourite themes like DIY, food, makeovers and the outdoors will bring the lifestyle home.

Crime & Investigation

April 1 - April 30

Link TV: 220 Basic TV: 591

Journey into the compelling and complex world of Crime + Investigation with the definitive mix of television’s current suspense and crime drama franchises and riveting unscripted series that take viewers on an emotional and gripping journey into the world of criminal investigation.

Magnolia Network

April 1 - April 30

Link TV: 143 Basic TV: 572

Magnolia Network is a collection of inspiring stories curated by Chip and Joanna Gaines featuring some of the most talented makers, artisans, chefs, designers and entrepreneurs across home and design, food and gardening, the arts and more. With something for everyone in the family, it's TV that feels like home.


April 1 - April 30

Link TV: 137

Diverse. Vibrant. Bold. OUTtv is the world's first LGBTQ+ television network and the leading LGBTQ+ streaming service with over 2,000 hours of content, including RuPaul's Drag Race. OUTtv offers a compelling mix of drama, comedy, reality, talk and award-winning movies.

Salt + Light

Mar 22 - Apr 30

Link TV: 132

An award-winning Catholic TV network devoted to spreading the light of Christ to the world, Salt + Light TV offers documentaries, live event coverage and other hope-filled Catholic Content.


Mar 1 - May 31

Link TV: 268

TLN is the television destination for putting more colour in your life! We are home to programs that unite cultures through shared experiences and memorable moments. Delightful personalities take us on scenic adventures in far off places and at home in the kitchen. Add big movies, music specials and regular live international soccer and this is our recipe for bringing more fun, more joy and more colour into the lives of millions of Canadians. TLN television is a TLN Media Group channel available from coast to coast in nearly 6 million homes.

Recently Ended Free Previews

Documentary Channel

Mar 1 - Mar 31

Link TV: 229 Basic TV: 511

Documentary Channel is a digital television station devoted to showing the best documentaries from Canada and around the world. With its special emphasis on feature length films, watching documentary is like having a cinema in your own living room, showing award winning films twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


Mar 4 - Apr 5

Link TV: 186 Basic TV: 250

Family Channel offers the best in family television entertainment in a premium, commercial-free environment. Dedicated to celebrating family life and providing a daily vacation for children and their families, Family airs a unique mix of top-rated Canadian and acquired series, movies and specials.

Family Jr.

Mar 4 - Apr 5

Link TV: 187 Basic TV: 277

Family Jr. is a commercial-free channel available to English-language subscribers across Canada. Committed to capturing young minds and engaging young hearts.


Jan 29 - Mar 31

Link TV: 148

Makeful is a lifestyle specialty channel celebrating the maker community and the creation of one-of-a-kind, handmade goods. Featuring passionate, entertaining makers who share their ideas and provide inspiration, Makeful's programming combines food, design, style and DIY series.

National Geographic

Mar 1 - Mar 31

Link TV: 232 Basic TV: 265

Canada’s #1 digital channel is full of compelling, thrilling and daring series. It’s smart, innovative programming that inspires as it questions what we know, how we view the world and what drives us forward.


Mar 1 - Mar 31

Link TV: 134 Basic TV: 284

With exclusive programming and buzz-worthy personalities, Slice™ offers the perfect escape for women on the go. Hosting the biggest reality, drama and movie titles, Slice™ is the go-to destination for hit shows featuring relatable topics that are relevant to women.


Jan 29 - Mar 31

Link TV: 176 Basic TV: 274

Smithsonian Channel™ is where curiosity lives, inspiration strikes and wonders never cease. This is the place for awe-inspiring stories, powerful documentaries and amazing entertainment. As a joint venture, Smithsonian Channel combines the storytelling prowess of Showtime Networks with the unmatched resources and rich traditions of the Smithsonian Institution. We create award-winning programming that shines new light on popular genres such as: air and space, history, science, nature, and pop culture.

Sportsman Channel

Mar 1 - Mar 31

Link TV: 78 Basic TV: 518

Devoted to honoring a lifestyle that is celebrated by millions of Americans, Sportsman Channel delivers informative and entertaining programming that showcases outdoor adventure, hunting and fishing, and illustrates it through unique and authentic storytelling. Sportsman Channel embraces the attitude of “Red, Wild & Blue America” – where the American Spirit and Great Outdoors are celebrated in equal measure.


Mar 1 - Mar 31

Link TV: 197 Basic TV: 554

Loved by Kids. Trusted by Parents. Treehouse offers premium programming and a trusted environment for little ones and their families. Delivering a strong balance of educational, imaginative and entertaining series; Treehouse provides high-quality shows like Bubble Guppies, Backyardigans and Dora The Explorer.

WildBrain TV

Mar 4 - Apr 5

Link TV: 182 Basic TV: 278

WildBrainTV is everything kids love, all in one place! Home to an unexpected variety of content -- from action-packed series to bite-sized comedy -- WildBrainTV is surprising, funny and sure to spark imagination.