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High Speed Business Internet

As a business owner, you know the importance of having internet. You understand that it stands as one of the primary sources of communication. It enables you to send emails, conduct online meetings, and perform a variety of other essential tasks.

Internet that slows you down and hinders your productivity is a significant issue. Hence, having a high-speed business internet is very pivotal. If you are searching for rapid internet speeds that allow you to work with expediency and efficiency, Execulink Telecom business internet services can successfully respond to your needs.

We cater to all business sizes.

Every business, despite their size, requires an internet service that delivers optimal upload speeds that are blazing fast. Whether small or large, companies need internet connectivity that is conducive to their daily tasks.

Your business deserves reliable Internet.

Without sufficient service, it becomes almost impossible to perform market research, communicate with clients, and stand above the competition. Fortunately, with the services of Execulink, you can scale your internet services to meet the requirements of your business. Therefore, tailored packages offer high-speed business internet are available at cost-efficient prices.

Connection Types

Whether you just need a simple connection to the Internet or to inter-connect multiple locations using a high bandwidth solution, Execulink Telecom will work with you every step of the way to identify and build the perfect solution to meet your business’s current and future needs.


DSL is an affordable High Speed Internet solution for your business that has the capabilities you need. From a standard DSL connection to a solution tailored to your business, we’ll customize a solution to suit your business’ unique situation.

 Up to 16 Mbps   Up to 1 Mbps   Unlimited

Other Details:

 Wifi options available

 Capable of supporting most applications for mixed voice and data

 Email addresses with Spam and Virus protection

 Can be used in conjunction with Multi-Link and Hybrid Bonded Internet solutions


A no-nonsense High Speed Internet service that uses Coaxial Cable to deliver a fast cost-effective connection. Depending on facilities it can give a higher downstream and upstream connection than standard DSL Internet, allowing more options for your business’ use of cloud-based applications.

 Up to 250 Mbps   Up to 50 Mbps   Unlimited

Other Details:

 Can support higher bandwidth web uses such as cloud-based applications, VPN access, video streaming and file sharing.

 Static IP options available


This service lets you take advantage of blazing fast speeds over a single phone line or dry loop. The heavier bandwidth is perfect for those with heavy usage demands. Businesses that want to expand to cloud services (SaaS), large file transfers, web-based database applications and VoIP services will appreciate the higher upstream speeds.

 Up to 50 Mbps   Up to 10 Mbps   Unlimited

Other Details:

 Wifi options available

 Capable of supporting most applications for mixed voice and data

 Email addresses with Spam and Virus protection

 Can be used in conjunction with Multi-Link and Hybrid Bonded Internet solutions


Multi-link is a cost-efficient, customized solution that allows for faster download and upload speeds, without a significant added cost. This solution is created by bonding two to four DSL lines together, allowing businesses to take advantage of increased bandwidth and reliability. In the rare occurrence that one DSL line goes down, the others will continue to function.

 Up to 48 Mbps   Up to 30 Mbps   Unlimited

Other Details:

 Bonded Multi-link (MLPPP) DSL connection

 Execulink provided hardware and installation

 Email addresses with Spam and Virus protection

 Customized, cost efficient way to get increased bandwidth

 Static IP options available

Hybrid Bonded 

Hybrid Bonded Internet improves network resilience and performance by bonding the bandwidth of multiple connections. The system splits the data from each application into its smallest possible component and spreads it across your bonded lines to maximize speed.

 Up to 200 Mbps   Up to 200 Mbps   Unlimited

Other Details:

 Can support higher bandwidth web uses such as cloud-based applications, VPN access, video streaming and file sharing

 Static IP options available

 Can aggregate third party internet service or even LTE Cellular data with Execulink Internet services

Fibre Internet

This Internet solution is ideal for those businesses who have applications that require low latency and high upstream bandwidth such as large data back-ups and sensitive voice and video. Execulink Telecom offers a TLS (Transparent Local Area Network Service) to give you the ability to connect your remote offices directly to your head office for one large, securely connected network.

 Up to 1000 Mbps   Up to 1000 Mbps   Unlimited

Other Details:

 Symmetrical speed (download and upload are equal)

 Reliability backed by Service Level Obligation

 Can be provisioned with QoS to provide voice or video traffic priority

 Options for automatic failover to DSL or cellular


With every unique Business Internet connection comes a unique set of features, specialized for your needs. Whether you require flexibility, affordability, usage options or security, we have the solution to suit your business.


Execulink offers multiple High Speed options tailored to your unique business requirements. As your business grows, our High Speed Internet can grow with you.


We understand not all companies can spend top-dollar for their telecom services. We will work with you to find an economical solution that suits your connection needs.

Unlimited Usage

With all our Business Internet plans you have the option of Unlimited Usage, so you can concentrate more on getting your work done and worry less about extra costs.

Included Necessities

5 email addresses, SpamGuard & Virus Guard are included with all Execulink Business Internet plans.

Why Choose Execulink?

Our mission is to enhance your business and give it the tools it needs to succeed. We are proud to be a local telecom company with a global feel. As your neighbour, we make it our goal to give all our clients the best customer service they have ever experienced.

Our customers say it best.

"Thanks to you and your team for such a well done project start to finish! We’ve completed our crossover and the staff are very happy with the improved connectivity."
John H.
St. Thomas, ON

Frequently Asked Questions

These are our most common questions about our services.

The right Internet speed depends on how your business uses the Internet. Lower speeds are ideal for light surfing, checking email and social media, while higher speeds are ideal for heavy usage. Often, the more people you have working at your location, the faster speed you will want. 

Just as in the case of Internet speed, your choice of Internet usage depends on how your business uses the Internet. Generally, the more people you have working in your location, the more usage you will want. Unlimited usage gives you the peace of mind of knowing you’ll never have to pay overage fees if you go over your monthly limit.

Although installation times vary depending on the type of service you qualify for, generally we can install services within 5-10 business days. We will work with your business to make installation as quick and easy as possible.

Superior Productivity with High-Speed Internet

High productivity translates to more significant profits. However, increased efficiency is only possible If the right tools are being utilized. One of the tools necessary for this is high-speed internet. Fast connectivity supports business activities such as uploading and downloading files as well as transmitting and receiving information. Fast and reliable WIFI also enables mobility around the office, allowing workers to stay connected regardless of where they reside in the office.

 A business that has fast internet speeds can sufficiently perform online business activities and in turn, enhance production. Execulink’s use of fiber optic cables permits the rapid transmission of data, offering a more efficient and reliable service.

Enhanced Collaboration

Some businesses utilize online cloud applications to store and access pertinent data. Data transfers, file-sharing platforms, and other online collaborative tools are also used. However, performing these actions would not be possible with an internet connection that offers limited speeds. Having an internet provides that offers superior rapidity is necessary for accomplishing these business-related tasks.

Offering High-Speed Business Internet & More

In addition to internet services, Execulink also provides other beneficial business services. A reliable phone system can also improve how you respond to customers, and it can help workers communicate more proficiently. Whether you require the simplicity of a single phone line or your business calls for a Hosted Phone solution, we can assist. Our services are adaptable, and we can adequately provide your business with what is required on a small or advanced scale.

We also provide TV, Mobility, Hosting and Data Centre services, all of which could take your business to the  next level.

From our first conversation to installation and beyond, our Execulink representatives will work with you to provide an awesome experience that will give you the peace of mind of knowing you’re in good hands.

Yes, Execulink offers business internet services with admirable speeds. However, it wouldn’t be as reliable without sufficient technical support. We understand that businesses need reliable services. So, our team of trustworthy experts ensures that connection remains sound, minimizing downtime, and supporting consistency across all levels of your business.

Whatever you need, we’re hear to help. 


For more information on our internet services, installation fees, or the other business services we offer, contact us.

Please note: Overage rates apply for internet packages with limited usage. Additional fees may apply. Pricing is valid as of today’s date and may change in accordance with market trends. Services and rates are not available in all areas. Exact speeds are not guaranteed. Please contact us for more information about each service.

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