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Uptime is Money: Hybrid Bonded Internet Solutions

Posted by jfreund on April 27, 2016


It’s one thing to lose your internet connection at home. It’s quite another thing when your internet connection is lost at work. Staying connected is fundamental to most if not all businesses these days, and when you’re suddenly unable to send emails, make customer calls, or check the status of an order, it’s not just your patience you lose. You take a hit to your customer service reputation, your credibility, your information sources, and your financial control. They say time is money, but nowadays, uptime is.

Luckily there are ways of preventing this nightmare from ever happening. One of the best ways is by using a Hybrid Bonded Internet Solution. Perfect for small to medium businesses of all kinds, the solution is exactly what it sounds like: multiple, diverse internet lines combined into one failsafe connection. With Hybrid Internet, you protect your business from downtime by always having another internet connection to fall back on in case the primary one fails. Whether it be a DSL or Cable line combined with Fibre or Fixed Wireless, our business representatives can create a customized solution for your business by using the types of internet service that you require at the cost you can afford.

Besides reducing your downtime, the Hybrid Bonded Internet Solution takes your uptime to the next level. Under a single IP address, the bonded pipe allows all traffic to make use of all the available bandwidth, at any time. That means a stronger, more reliable connection with faster speeds to boot.

Locked into a contract with another provider? Not a problem. Execulink is able to leverage 3rd party connections with the Hybrid Bonded solution, bonding network connections from other providers and reducing the risk of a network outage. More connections, less risk. Not only do you not have to pay the fees associated with breaking from a contract, but you get a fully-redundant network. Win-win.

If you think Hybrid Bonded Internet is the solution your business needs, find out more by downloading our informative white paper here. Don’t get caught without a redundant solution. Give your business the uptime it needs and deserves!



Joel Freund, Manager of Corporate Sales & Services

As a hunter, fisherman, and Corporate Sales Manager, I perfect the skill of patience.