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The Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos of November

Posted by cchalkley on December 2, 2016


Another month has just flown by. See you later November!  We are getting closer to Christmas and to the end of the year. But let’s step away for a moment from all your Christmas shopping, baking and preparing to enjoy some of the best YouTube videos that came out in the last month.  Sit back, relax and watch these 10 videos. 

Britney Spears - Slumber Party ft. Tinashe

Happy Birthday Britney, she’s celebrating her 35th birthday today with a slumber party, maybe? Britney Spears is back with her 9th studio album. This video is for her new song Slumber Party and it shows off what she does best; looking hot, wearing minimal amounts of clothes, sporting lots of blonde extensions and showing off some dance sequences. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, Britney. 

Beauty and the Beast Trailer

We already spoke about the Beauty and the Beast trailer in an earlier Execublog. With all the excitement around this movie it’s no wonder it’s on the top YouTube video list. This remake of Beauty and the Beast will definitely make a new generation of children obsessed with all the old songs that we all now feel nostalgic about. Emma is already a fashionista known for some great red carpet looks and Belle’s yellow princess dress may also be one fashion look that could win her the cover of Vogue. Look out for this movie March 2017.

Cars 3 Official US Teaser Trailer

Disney/Pixar released a teaser trailer for their 3rd follow up to their popular kids movie Cars. This teaser doesn’t show much but it’s building a dramatic start to the threequel. The story begins with the main character Legendary Lightning McQueen getting into an epic crash on the race track. This movie will introduce a new character named Cruz Ramirez, a young female race car. Doesn’t the animation in this trailer look stellar? Cars 3 is set to release next summer and I’m sure will be the must see movie for every family. 

WONDER WOMAN Official Trailer

Now I have to admit that I’m pretty clueless when it comes to comic books and superhero storylines. But I can always stand behind girls in butt kicking roles. Wonder Woman is set to be released June 2017, but Warner Brothers is starting to get the hype out there by releasing its official trailer. This movie stars Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Chris Pine as Steve Trevor in a story about the war to end all wars. Gal Gadot makes a stunning Amazonian Princess and I think all women and men alike will be day dreaming about this hot superhero. Expect to see a lot of Wonder Women costumes next Halloween. 

Flip Edition - Dude Perfect

This video shows off that satisfying and exciting feeling when you pull off something cool. This video goes beyond the college game of flipping cups these dudes flip everything from highlighters, golf clubs and ladders. Dude Perfect is a group of 5 guys that comes out with regular videos with different challenges and tricks they come up with. They are just a bunch of dudes making videos and bro’ing out.

YouTube Challenge - I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy 2016

Don’t children have a knack for theatrics? This Jimmy Kimmel video features parents messing with their children and telling them that they ate all their Halloween candy. This is maybe a touch of bad parenting just to get a reaction out of their children on camera, but we all have to get our kicks somewhere, right? This video is bound to make any parent giggle (as we all know that we would love to eat all their Halloween candy in a secret binge fest). I think I’m going to try this joke on my kid next year. 

Jimmy Fallon, Metallica & The Roots Sing "Enter Sandman" (Classroom Instruments)

One of my favourite things Jimmy Fallon does is the Classroom Instruments sessions.  If you have been living under a rock and never watched one of these before, it consists of Jimmy Fallon and The Roots all stuffed in a small room with famous musicians playing a hit song using classroom instruments. For this edition they brought in Metallica to sing their classic 1991 song “Enter Sandman.” This version turns the dark, heavy metal song into a fun playful one that you could even show to your kids. Notice what everyone is wearing in this video; Jimmy Fallon and The Roots are all dawned in Metallica T-Shirts and Metallica are all sporting Tonight Show and The Roots tees.Amazing

David Blaine Shocks Jimmy and The Roots with Magic Tricks

This is the second of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon videos that made it to the top YouTube videos this month.  David Blaine is known for his mind blowing illusions and has done some crazy stunts in the past. Remember the time when he froze himself alive or held his breath for over 7 minutes? David Blaine made an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and showed Jimmy and The Roots some simple(?!) card tricks. Make sure you watch the full video, it has a shocking and cringe worthy trick at the end that might make your stomach do a flip. 

iPhone 7 vs World's Strongest Acid - What Will Happen?

This video begs the question, why do you want to make a video about this? The set up is what would happen if you pour Fluoroantimonic acid on an iPhone 7. Fluoroantimonic acid is 10 quadtrillion times stronger than sulfuric acid. Where would you even buy this stuff? Why do you want to ruin a perfectly good new phone for this? Anyways, you would think the iPhone would melt, smoke or set on fire, but the iPhone beat the test. Who would have thought that this phone would still work? Well maybe this guy who made this video, I guess. 

Pentatonix - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Another month where Pentatonix made it to the top YouTube list. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen is a classic Christmas song with the Pentatonix’s a cappella twist. This video is so simple with all 5 members dressed in black standing in front of a black background, no flash or gimmicks here. These guys have class, style and beautiful voices, enough said.  Tis the season to give this album a listen and bring some joy to your home this holiday season.

Well this wraps up our top 10 most viewed videos of November. I hope you enjoyed these videos and see you next month! 


Christine Chalkley, Marketing Coordinator

I love things that make me laugh including sitcoms, sketch comedy and anything my kid does. When it comes to parenting I take Amy Poehler’s advice: “Always remember where you put your kid. Don’t let your kid drive until their feet can reach the pedals. Use the right size diapers... for yourself. And, when in doubt, make funny faces.”