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Welcome to the Execublog!

Posted by cirvine on June 4, 2015



We are Execulink Telecom, and we provision both residential and business internet, phone, tv, and mobility services to southwestern Ontario and have been doing so for over 110 years. But a lot has happened since 1904, including the emergence of blogging! So here we are. The very first (of many) Execublog posts. How are we doing so far?

In this blog you can find interesting stories about Execulink, the services we provide, the industry we work in, and the local communities we serve. You can also find stories that make you go "hmmm": cool upcoming technologies and trends, computer tips and tricks, and tons more!

We hope you enjoy and please contact us if you would like our blog to cover a certain topic or just want to ask a question about one of our posts. See you soon!