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Can I change my telephone number?

Yes. A service charge of $25 applies.

Can I pick my own telephone number?

We are limited to what numbers are available, but we will try to find one as close to your choice as possible.

What is Hosted Phone?

A Hosted Phone System is used to efficiently communicate to various parts of a company, whether at a remote location or not.

You can transfer, put on hold, trace or record calls, put on auto-attendant and access voicemail.

Please contact one of our sales agents at 1-877-393-2854 for more information.

How do I look up a telephone number?

Local and long distance directory assistance can be obtained by dialing 411 for phone numbers across
Canada. 95 cents will be billed to your account each time you use this service, whether or not the operator is able to provide the number requested. Increasingly there are sources other than Directory Assistance from which to obtain telephone listing information, including the traditional White and Yellow Pages directories, as well as the Internet. www.canada411.ca is a free service that will assist you in finding a personal or business listing, a yellow page listing, a toll free number or even a postal code.

Can I get a phone number from another city?

Yes, but there are a few things you should consider. For example, you live in Kitchener, but you want a
London telephone number:

  • If your telephone number is listed in the directory, it will be listed in the London phone book.

  • Your local calls will be within the London area; this means that calling your neighbour would be
    considered long distance.

  • People in the London area can call you without long distance charges.

I am going on a trip. Can I temporarily suspend my telephone service?

Please call your local office to see if you qualify for a seasonal disconnect. 

Do I need Long Distance from Execulink Telecom to get a toll free number?

Yes, Long Distance from Execulink Telecom is required for toll-free number setups.

Can I move an existing toll free number to Execulink Telecom?

Yes, however; we will need you to fill out a form giving us permission to do so. It normally takes 3 - 7
business days depending on the current provider.

What is Bell Relay Service?

Bell Relay Service (BRS) has been available since 1986, making it possible for deaf, hard of hearing, speech and hearing impaired customers to be able to communicate to others.