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1. Go to the Downloads page and choose to download either the Free Trial, or if you have received your license key, choose the Full Version. 

2. Download the appropriate file: Choose to Save to disk, select Desktop as the place to save it and then click Save.

3. Open the downloaded install file.

4. Choose your language and click Next to continue.

5. Accept the License Agreement.

6. The installer will then check your system status. Once finished it will prompt you for the Installation Type. Leave it for Standard and click Next to continue.

7. When prompted with the Activate AVG License Number, enter your license. (Trial version users should not be prompted to enter the License Number.) Click Next.

8. Accept the "Destination Folder" by clicking Next.

9. Ensure I would like to install the AVG Security Toolbar is not checked.

10. When the Setup Summary window appears, just click Next to start installing AVG.

  • If you encounter an Applications Termination window, ensure you save any open
    documents or data. Once completed, a window will appear stating the Installation is Complete. 

11. Click Finish to finish the installation. If Windows prompts you to reboot the computer, then restart it.