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From the Home Screen.

1. Hold a location on the screen that contains no application icons or widgets.


2. After this is done, the “Add to Home screen” will pop-up and the Wallpapers choice should be selected.


3. A “Select Wallpaper From” option will appear and a number of options can be selected including “Live Wallpapers”, “Wallpaper Gallery” or “Wallpapers”, and “Media Gallery” or "Gallery" or "Pictures".


For the “Live Wallpapers”:

1. Scroll to the desired wallpaper and select.


2. Choose “Set Wallpaper”.


For the “Wallpapers” or “Wallpaper Gallery”:

1. View all of the available images until you have found the desired image.
2. Select the image and choose “Set Wallpaper”.


For the “Media Gallery” or "Gallery" or "Pictures":

1. All folders containing pictures will be visible on the screen. Choose the folder that contains the desired picture.
2. Select the desired picture.


3. You will then be given the opportunity to crop the image. Cropping can be done by dragging the sides of the image in order to resize the wallpaper image.

4. Choose the “Save” option.


This method of changing wallpapers is not available on all Android phones. If you do not have the options listed below you will have to change your wallpaper using the method above.

1. On the home screen, select the application launcher.

2. Choose the “Settings” icon.

3. Choose the “Display” option.

4. Choose the "Screen display" option.

5. Choose the option entitled “Wallpaper”.

6. Continue from the second step from the first “Home Screen” step guide.