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Some of Our Favourite Shows on CraveTV

Posted by cirvine on September 9, 2015


CraveTV is an on-demand video streaming service that brings you thousands of hours of some of the best TV programming there is to offer. From HBO classics to the best sitcoms in history, CraveTV has something for everyone. With that in mind, I’ve put together some of my favourite shows on Crave.


Flight of the Conchords

Flight of the Conchords  is primarily a New Zealand-based standup comedy duo starring Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie. In 2007, it became a TV show, following the two kiwis as they try to find success as a band in New York City. Each episode is a kind of mini-musical, as they weave their hilarious songs into the plotline. The show is pure fun and endlessly quotable, but it’s the songs that really set it apart from the crowd. One of my favourite comedic songs to date is this track, “I’m Not Crying”.



If you love historical drama than of course you must watch Rome. Upon watching it you quickly realize why the series could only have had a contract for 2 seasons—the budget on this show must have been extraordinary. From the gritty sprawl of Rome, to the ornate palaces, to the colossal ensemble of characters and extras, this show was unlike any other. It accurately depicts the reign and fall of Julius Caesar and his immediate compatriots and family, but also shows how those events affected the lower classes, which is where the two fictionalized Roman soldiers come in—Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo. With characters you hate, and love, or feel somewhere in between about, Rome is both an affecting story about humanity and an engrossing lesson on our history.


Orphan Black

Right from the get-go Orphan Black gets my thumbs up, because 1) it’s Canadian and 2) it’s sci-fi, and I love both those things. The series opens with Sarah Manning, a con artist by trade, witnessing the suicide of a woman who appears to be her doppelgänger.  Sarah takes on Beth’s identity and occupation as a detective after Beth’s death, and soon comes to realize that Beth is only the first of many clones she has yet to find. Why they were created in the first place and why they are now being targeted for extermination are the two main mysteries of the series. An interesting storyline coupled with some fantastic acting by Tatiana Maslany and great writing is why this show is one of my new favourites.



Parallel universes, dungeons and dragons, virtual reality, the paintball episodes, there’s so many geeky things to love about this show. In general the writing is just downright hilarious, but the real magic begins when you start to get to know all the characters and their little quirks. From Abed’s awkward genius to the Dean’s flamboyant costumes, it’s the group of lovable outcasts we all want to join.


Friday Night Lights

I have to admit that when I first heard my friends were watching Friday Night Lights, I made fun of them. On the surface, this show seems like your everyday, teeny-bopper drama, right? Wrong. It’s actually an intelligent show that goes way beyond some kids and their coach playing football. It shows the patriotic, religious, and sometimes unforgiving culture of the southern States, speaking to issues like racism, the value we put in our educational system, and economic hardships. And if all that stuff doesn’t sound like what you want, well, lucky for you the show is also jam-packed with beautiful young people.


The Affair

When you start this show, it seems like your typical drama. It’s not until about halfway through the first episode that the story takes a strange twist and you realize it’s being retold from the beginning but from another person’s perspective. So little details are out of place, or rearranged, and it’s interesting to note what has changed in the story based on who is telling it. This manipulation of the story becomes even more important as you realize they are describing it to a detective who is trying to solve a murder that the two main characters were somehow involved in.  It’s mystery, it’s drama, it’s romance, but most of all, it’s intriguing.

This is just a small list of some of my favourite shows, but there are plenty more to watch on CraveTV.  The Sopranos, The Wire, Penny Dreadful, 30 Rock-- the list of award-winning shows goes on and on.

Wondering how to sign up? Check out this link here for all the info you need about CraveTV as well as our TV Everywhere service.