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Get ready to say, "Just one more episode!"

Are you ready to get hooked on your new favourite TV shows? Or maybe you want to relive the experience of some old faves? Either way, CraveTV has all the best shows right at your fingertips. At only $5.99 per month, you're getting thousands of hours of great television at an even better cost. Best part? Your first month is FREE!

crave2.jpgWhat is CraveTV?

CraveTV is an on-demand television streaming service offered to Execulink Digital TV subscribers. With thousands of hours of great television, there's something for everyone. Click here to see a full list of all the shows you can look forward to!

It includes:
• Over 350 on-demand unique titles
• HBO & Showtime collections
• Both current & past TV hits


For more information or to sign-up call 1-866-706-2050.

How to Watch

2 Ways To Watch:

1_01.jpgOn Your Set-Top Box
We're excited to announce that you can now watch CraveTV right on your set-top box through the Video-on-Demand menu. Once you've signed up for CraveTV, simply tune to channel 100 or press the blue button on your remote control to access the VOD menu. Once there, you should notice an option for CraveTV on the top navigation panel. Simply click it and start watching!

1_02.jpgOn Your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer
You can also watch CraveTV on your smartphone, tablet or computer through the TV Everywhere service. Once you are a registered user at watchtveverywhere.ca and have also subscribed to CraveTV, you will have the option of watching it using your TV Everywhere account. 

Click here to find out more about TV Everywhere.