Case Study – Copp’s Buildall

Introduction: Who is Copp's Buildall? 

Copp’s Buildall, officially known as Copp Building Materials Limited, is a lumber and building materials company that has been operating in the London area since 1877. Over the years, they have evolved and expanded, now boasting five locations and serving a wide range of customers from DIY enthusiasts to large contractors. Their commitment to fairness, honesty, and exceptional customer care has anchored their operations in the community for over a century. 

The Challenge

The Existing Setup 

Copp’s Buildall has been a longstanding customer of Execulink’s since 2004. Execulink had previously provided multiple data circuits at each Copp’s Buildall site, along with internet failover for mission critical services. This setup ensured continuous connectivity even if one circuit failed, significantly reducing the risk of downtime. At their main office, Execulink also provided a SIP voice connection and integrated a tertiary failover connection for added redundancy. These measures improved network stability and reliability for Copp’s Buildall’s operations. 

The Need for Change 

As Copp’s Buildall’s operations continued to grow and evolve, they recognized the need for a more advanced disaster recovery and failover plan to further enhance the reliability of their phone and data system and streamline overall service performance. Their network configurations at remote branches were identified to potentially impact performance, resulting in intermittent connectivity and latency issues. This led to occasional disruptions in service, affecting overall user experience and operational efficiency. They needed a solution that would ensure seamless communication across all their locations and maintain operational efficiency. 

The Solution: PWAN

To further enhance their network infrastructure, Execulink introduced a Private Wide Area Network (PWAN) solution. This new service provided Copp’s Buildall with a primary PWAN site where the majority of their network resides, with all satellite locations connecting into it as a single network. The PWAN solution provided: 

  • Centralized Network Management: Multiple sites behaving as a single network improved network reliability and reduced latency across all sites. 
  • Enhanced Connectivity: The existing data circuits paired with path redundant failover circuits at each site continued to ensure continuous connectivity, even if one circuit failed. 
  • Seamless Integration: The existing SIP trunk and tertiary redundancy service were integrated into the PWAN, enhancing call quality and reliability while maintaining additional path redundancy. 
  • Hardware Standardization: The introduction of a standard NID at each site allowed for seamless hardware replacement if needed, resulting in cost savings through unified device logistics and configuration standards. 

Implementation Process 

Execulink’s implementation process was meticulous and collaborative. The integrated solutions team worked closely with Copp’s Buildall to ensure a smooth transition through testing, deployment, and launch phases. 

The Results

Execulink’s PWAN solution significantly improved network reliability for Copp’s Buildall. The centralized setup at the primary PWAN site reduced the number of network segments, resulting in a more seamless and integrated connection for their voice and data systems. The PWAN solution ensured continuous connectivity and minimized disruptions, thanks to enhanced disaster recovery and failover capabilities. The integration of existing services, such as the SIP trunk and tertiary redundancy, further enhanced the network’s robustness. Additionally, hardware standardization allowed for quicker hardware replacements and cost savings. 

With Execulink’s dedicated PWAN solution in place, Copp’s Buildall experienced:

  • Increased Reliability: Reduced network segments and latency.
  • Operational Efficiency: Simplified network management and quicker issue resolution.
  • Continuous Connectivity: Failover solutions ensured minimal disruptions.
  • Cost Savings: Centralized management and standardized hardware reduced operational costs, minimized downtime, and lowered support expenses.

Copp’s Buildall’s experience with Execulink underscores the importance of reliable and knowledgeable partners in implementing complex network solutions. The success of this project highlights Execulink’s capability to deliver tailored, high-quality solutions that address specific business needs, ensuring operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. 


“I would classify Execulink as one of our most important and trusted partners. We rely upon them to deliver service in the most reliable and secure way possible. Without them, I would lack confidence in our abilities to deliver the best services to our staff and customers.”

— Ryan Rood, Information Technology Manager, Copp’s Buildall