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Internet Speed Test

This Internet speed test will measure your computer’s Internet connection speed. Remember that temporary network congestion, peak times and your current Internet usage will affect the results. For the most accurate results, stop all downloads on your computer/network, scan your computer for spyware, and then try the speed test.

Internet Speed Test FAQs

What information does an Internet speed test provide?

Running Execulink’s Internet speed test will tell you three things:

  1. Download speed – how quickly data or content transfers to your device over the network.
  2. Upload speed – how quickly your device can upload data or content on the network.
  3. Ping – the time it takes for data to travel from a device on one network to a device on another network.

What speed is good for my family?

In general, if you have a family of 2-4 people who game, stream, and work or learn from home, a 100 Mbps plan is a good foundation. To be more precise, divide the number of devices in your household by the speed. You want the result to be between 25 and 40 Mbps.

What factors could impact my Internet speed test results?

Several factors may impact the speed recorded by the high-speed test, including:

Different devices have different Wi-Fi and cellular radio capabilities. Even if you use the same Internet service provider, you may get different speed results across your devices. It is also possible that your Wi-Fi router doesn’t support the full speed of your service.

Internet browsers have different capabilities and may provide different results, especially on high-speed connections.

Speed test servers perform differently. You will get a faster speed from a server close to you. Therefore, Execulink provides an excellent option for an Internet speed test in Ontario.

Why are different speeds recorded between my computer and my phone or tablet?

Execulink’s Internet speed test measures your real-time network connection, so tests taken within a few minutes of each other may vary a little based on network congestion and available bandwidth. If they differ significantly, ensure you are testing on the same connection and to the same server.

What should I do if my Internet speed is slow?

Before you contact your Internet service provider or mobile carrier due to low Internet speed, check to see if you are running any ongoing downloads or other programs like video chat that are using your bandwidth. Close those and perform the highspeed test again. If your speed results are still slow, reboot your devices, modem, and router. Then make sure your router has no Quality of Service (QOS) features turned on.

Contact your Internet service provider or mobile carrier if you have gone through these steps and are still getting a low Internet speed. Keep in mind that higher bandwidth connections need a higher quality router to keep up.