Case Study – The Erie Beach Hotel

Introduction to The Erie Beach Hotel

Nestled in the heart of Port Dover, Ontario, The Erie Beach Hotel is a cherished establishment with a rich tapestry of history woven through its existence since 1946. Having grown from a 60-room summer resort to a family-run hotel renowned for its local culinary delights, The Erie Beach Hotel has become a landmark of Port Dover. The hotel boasts 18 quaint and newly renovated motel-style rooms, two distinct dining areas, The Cove Room and The Terrace Room, and a rooftop Perch Patio that offers a spectacular view. This beacon of hospitality has been famously serving Lake Erie Perch and Pickerel for over 70 years, delighting locals and tourists alike.

The Challenge


In an era where customer expectations are continually evolving, The Erie Beach Hotel recognized the need to upgrade its antiquated TV system, which relied on a mix of antenna and satellite channels with no guide. The old system’s susceptibility to weather conditions and lack of modern features was becoming increasingly apparent. Guests today expect seamless and contemporary amenities, and the hotel’s existing entertainment setup was falling short of these expectations. This gap prompted The Erie Beach Hotel to seek a solution that would enhance the guest experience without the need for extensive rewiring of the historic building.

The Solution


The Erie Beach Hotel’s journey to modernization began with a cold call from Execulink Telecom. After evaluating various options, the hotel was drawn to Execulink’s strong local community support and the expertise of their staff. The decisive factor was Execulink’s Link TV solution, featuring wireless cable boxes that promised a consistent picture quality unaffected by weather and a rich selection of channels.

Execulink’s team worked hand in hand with the hotel to implement the Link TV solution, installing the new system in all rooms and both dining areas. The wireless nature of the cable boxes meant that the hotel could avoid the hassle and expense of rewiring, preserving the integrity of the building’s structure and aesthetics.

The Results


The introduction of Execulink’s Link TV service was met with enthusiasm, especially from returning guests who were thrilled with the upgrade. The modern TV service enhanced the overall guest experience, as reflected in the reduced number of complaints and positive customer satisfaction scores.

The Erie Beach Hotel was particularly impressed with the availability and quality of support from Execulink for the few issues that arose, ensuring minimal disruption to their operations and guest experience. The testimonial from the hotel lauds the installers for their collaborative approach, overcoming the challenges of the building’s age and layout to deliver a seamless solution.

The Erie Beach Hotel’s partnership with Execulink Telecom is a testament to the hotel’s commitment to preserving tradition while embracing innovation. The upgrade has not only elevated the guest experience but has also fortified the hotel’s reputation as a blend of historical charm and modern comfort. This case study serves as a beacon for other heritage establishments seeking to modernize without losing their essence, proving that tradition and technology can indeed coexist harmoniously.


“I was very impressed with the installers. Being an old building with many rooms and hard-to-get-at areas, they were happy to work together to find the best solution that worked best for us and them.”

Andrew Schneider

Owner, Erie Beach Hotel