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Which Phone Service Works Best For Your Business?

At Execulink we realize that each business is unique. Our detailed diagrams below will allow you to make an educated decision about which type of Phone service best suits your business needs. 

ServiceType of Business This Solution Works Well For
Analog Phone
  • Reliable traditional phone service.
  • Works well for applications such as business telephones, fax machines, alarm systems and dial-up modems.
Digital Phone
  • Cost effective solution for businesses that require 1-8 telephone lines.
  • Offers additional features that are not available on a traditional Analog phone system.
Hosted Phone
  • Offers enhanced communication services, with low overhead and maintenance giving you a cost advantage.
  • Ideal solution for businesses with multiple locations.
  • A PRI service provides digital connectivity to a PBX to support up to 23 voice channels via a single PRI connection.
SIP Trunking
  • SIP is ideal for businesses that have an IP-PBX because it allows us to combine SIP and IP networks to reduce infrastructure and transport costs.

Business-phone.jpgThe Execulink Advantage

The right phone solution can transform your business. It can help your business serve more customers, better. It can simplify and speed up work flows; as well as make it easy for your employees to work from any location.

Whether you require a single telephone line, a hosted phone solution or voice trunks for a PBX or Key System, we have a solution to meet your needs. 

Learn about our different Phone solutions and what is best for your business.