Calling Feature Valupacs

Choose from the three following Calling Feature Valupaks for more flexibility and savings!

Valupac BasicCall Display, Voicemail $9.95/month
ValupacCall Display, Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling, Speed Calling,
Call Forwarding, Automatic Recall, Selective Call Rejection
FREE when bundled with an
Internet plan
Valupac PlusCall Display, Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling, Speed Calling,
Call Forwarding, Automatic Recall, Selective Call Rejection, Visual Call Waiting


Individual Calling Features

Choose from a selection of individual calling features to create a tailored Phone service that’s right for you.

Calling FeatureDescriptionPrice
Call Waiting Alerts you to an incoming call when you are already on another call.$6.00/month
$2.00 if bundled with Valupac Basic
Call DisplayThe caller’s name and number is displayed while your phone is ringing.$8.00/month
VoicemailReceive messages if there is no answer or the line is in use.$6.50/month
$3.00/month if bundled with Valupac or Valupac Plus
Voicemail-to-Email Voicemails arrive as email attachments in your email inbox. Included with Voicemail
Call ForwardingForward all incoming calls to another number.$5.00/month
Speed CallingUse short codes to call frequently used numbers.$3.00/month
Automatic RecallAnnounces the last incoming phone number with an option to call it.$5.00/month
Selective Call RejectionReject incoming calls from up to 10 selected phone numbers.$5.00/month
3-way CallingCall two numbers and conduct a simultaneous conversation with both parties.$5.00/month
Visual Call WaitingIf someone calls while the line is in use their name and number will be displayed.$14.00/month
Ident-a-CallFour phone numbers can be used on one line each having a distinctive ring.$5.00/month
$2.00/month if bundled with Valupac basic
Advanced Call ForwardingForward incoming calls in specialized ways.$1.50/month
Call TraceReports to law authorities the last incoming call as an offending call.$5.00 per use
Do not DisturbTemporarily prevent incoming calls.$5.00/month
IntercomCall all phones on a line from a phone on that line.$3.00/month
Outgoing Caller ID BlockPrevent your name and number from being displayed when making an outgoing call.FREE!
Automatic RecallAnnounces last incoming phone number with option to call it.$5.00/month
$2.00/month if bundled with Valupac Basic

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