Individual Calling Features

Choose from a selection of individual calling features to create a tailored Phone service that’s right for you.

Calling FeatureDescriptionPrice
Call Waiting Alerts you to an incoming call when you are already on another call.FREE
Call DisplayThe caller’s name and number is displayed while your phone is ringing.FREE
VoicemailReceive messages if there is no answer or the line is in use.$3.00/month
Voicemail-to-Email Voicemails arrive as email attachments in your email inbox. Included with Voicemail
Call ForwardingForward all incoming calls to another number.FREE
Speed CallingUse short codes to call frequently used numbers.FREE
Automatic RecallAnnounces the last incoming phone number with an option to call it.FREE
Selective Call RejectionReject incoming calls from up to 10 selected phone numbers.FREE
3-way CallingCall two numbers and conduct a simultaneous conversation with both parties.FREE
Find-me-Follow-meUnanswered incoming calls will go to the next number in a list set up by you.$5.00/month
Visual Call WaitingIf someone calls while the line is in use their name and number will be displayed.$3.00/month
Ident-a-CallFour phone numbers can be used on one line each having a distinctive ring.$5.00/month per number
Simultaneous RingAdditional phone numbers in a list ring simultaneously until one is answered.$5.00/month
Advanced Reminder CallsSchedule one time, or recurring, reminder calls.$3.00/month
Anonymous Call RejectionAutomatically rejects incoming calls if the number is ‘unknown’.$3.00/month
Advanced Call ForwardingForward incoming calls in specialized ways.$5.00/month
Call TraceReports to law authorities the last incoming call as an offending call.$3.00 per use
Call TransferCan transfer a call to another subscriber.$3.00/month
Do not DisturbTemporarily prevent incoming calls.$3.00/month
IntercomCall all phones on a line from a phone on that line.$3.00/month
Last Caller ID ErasureRemove stored caller ID from the last incoming and outgoing calls.$3.00/month
Outgoing Caller ID BlockPrevent your name and number from being displayed when making an outgoing call.$4.45/month
Priority CallSpecified inbound phone numbers generate a distinct ring tone/call waiting tone.$3.00/month

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