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Experience Speeds up to 3 Gbps with Execulink's Fibre Internet Packages

Discover the power of Execulink’s Fibre Internet packages, where cutting-edge fibre-optic communication delivers unparalleled bandwidth and the fastest Internet speeds ever, up to 3 Gbps! Enjoy unlimited usage with no contracts necessary and absolutely no hidden fees. Our commitment to providing the best customer service in Ontario sets us apart.

Celebrate the future of connectivity with Execulink’s Fibre Internet packages. As you explore our unbeatable offers, envision a world where blazing-fast speeds and unlimited possibilities meet. It’s not just about Internet; it’s about transforming your online experience. Take the next step towards a seamlessly connected lifestyle by contacting Execulink today.

New faster packages released with up to 1 Gbps download & upload speeds!

High Speed Fibre 75

Unlimited Usage $60.00 Monthly

  • An economical option best suited for light surfing & streaming, checking email, working from home and social media.
  • 75 Mbps Download & 30 Mbps Upload Speeds
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Great for 2-3 person households
  • No contracts necessary
  • No activation fees
  • Delivered over state-of-the-art fibre optic lines installed directly to your home
  • 24/7 technical support

High Speed Fibre 1 GB

Unlimited Usage $100.00 Monthly

  • Great for multiple devices being used at once, heavy streaming, downloading, working from home and online gaming
  • 1 Gbps Download and 200 Upload Speeds
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Great for 5+ person households
  • No contracts necessary
  • No activation fees
  • Delivered over state-of-the-art fibre optic lines installed directly to your home
  • 24/7 technical support

News and Events

Stay up to date on all the exciting Fibre news, webinars, and other events we have going on in our local communities!

3 Gbps Fibre is here Strathroy!

Execulink is bringing Fibre Internet, TV, and Phone services to Strathroy! We are now installing in select areas of town with speeds up to 3 Gbps!

Fill out the form on this page to stay informed of progress in your area.

We’re now installing Fibre in most areas of Ingersoll!

Execulink Fibre Internet, TV, and Phone services are available in Ingersoll, we encourage you to sign up today for a reliable and high-quality connection.

Fill out the form on this page to stay informed of progress in your area.

What is Fibre Internet?

Fibre Internet, distinguished by its optical fibre delivery method, relies on flexible, transparent strands made of glass or plastic—just slightly thicker than a human hair! This modern approach replaces outdated copper wiring, unlocking the potential for the next generation of Phone, Internet, and TV services in homes and buildings.

Utilizing fibre optic communication, Fibre Internet transmits information through pulses of infrared light, delivering higher speeds and expanded bandwidth with minimal interference. Step into the future of connectivity, leaving behind the constraints of traditional copper. Discover the seamless communication experience with Execulink’s Fibre Internet services.

Experience The Execulink Difference

  • Direct to Your Doorstep: Execulink’s Fibre connection is brought directly to your home or business, providing exclusive access to high-speed, interference-free connectivity.
  • No Neighborhood Sharing: Unlike other telecoms, we prioritize individualized service. You won’t share your connection or speeds with neighbors; it’s all yours.
  • Best of Fibre Technology: Enjoy the cream of the crop in fibre optic technology, translating to high speeds and minimal interference for an optimal online experience.

Say goodbye to shared connections and hello to a personal, seamless connectivity experience. Elevate your online lifestyle with Execulink, where Fibre means the best of the best in Internet, TV, and Phone services.

Uses of Fibre Optic Internet

Execulink’s Fibre Internet can be used in a variety of ways:


With the world at your fingertips, you can use your favourite movie or music streaming service, play games online, use social media, or simply surf the Internet for articles and recipes without sacrificing service speed or quality.

Smart Homes and Security

Smart Home technology is a fast-growing market. Every aspect of your home can be run from your smart device in real-time using Fibre Internet.


In today’s world, working remotely is becoming more popular, but sometimes it is necessary to interact with colleagues and clients. Telecommuting using Fibre Internet makes it possible for employees to live wherever they want without sacrificing career opportunities. Plus, Fibre Internet makes uploading documents and content for work quick and easy.


Online learning is becoming normal for every age and level of education. Fibre Internet allows students to interact with teachers, access assignments and grades, and use educational resources.

Independent Living

With Fibre Internet, a wide variety of resources are available that make it feasible to live independently, such as telemedicine and home automation products. These greatly impact the quality of life for everyone but especially for seniors, those who are physically disabled, and their caregivers.

Reliability for Businesses

Execulink’s Fibre Internet services allow constant connectivity and unlimited usage not only for homes and families but also for businesses. As a proud provider of Fibre Internet, your productivity will skyrocket thanks to faster uploads and downloads. Connect with colleagues and clients online in a matter of seconds, and never worry about performance or reliability.

Where Does Execulink Have Fibre Internet?

Explore the growing list of local towns where we're actively building Fibre-connected communities. Our commitment to expanding Fibre services ensures that more communities can enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge technology, delivering a seamless online experience for residents and businesses alike. Join us in ushering in the future of connectivity.
Check the list below to see if your town is part of the Execulink Fibre revolution.

  • Ailsa Craig
  • Andy’s Corner
  • Brownsville
  • Burgessville
  • Carlisle
  • Centreville
  • Coldstream
  • Corrinth
  • Courtland
  • Culloden
  • Curries
  • Delhi
  • Delmer
  • Denfield
  • Dereham Centre
  • Foldens
  • Forest *select areas
  • Gilbertville
  • Greens Corner
  • Hickson
  • Huntingford
  • Ilderton *select areas
  • Ingersoll
  • Ipperwash
  • Kettle & Stony Point
  • Kerwood
  • Lambton County
  • Lambton Shores *select areas
  • Langton
  • Lobo
  • Long Point
  • Lynedoch
  • Melrose
  • Mt Elgin
  • Nairn
  • Napperton
  • Normandale
  • Norwich
  • North Hall
  • Old Cut
  • Ostrander
  • Otterville
  • Oxford Centre
  • Parkhill *select subdivisions
  • Pinegrove
  • Port Dover
  • Port Rowan
  • Port Ryerse
  • Ravenswood
  • Rural Bosanquet
  • Salford
  • Springford
  • St. Williams
  • Strathroy
  • Sweaburg
  • Thedford *surrounding area
  • Tillsonburg
  • Turkey Point
  • Verschoyle
  • Vittoria
  • Walsh
  • Walsingham
  • Watford *select areas
  • Woodstock *select areas
  • Wyecombe and more…
Stay updated on all the progress in your area!

Fibre Installation: Execulink's Construction and Cleanup Process

Ever wondered about the intricacies of Execulink’s Fibre installation process? Dive into the step-by-step overview presented in the following slides to gain a comprehensive understanding. At Execulink, we prioritize transparency, especially when it comes to our Fibre construction, which may involve digging on your property.

However, we assure you that we are committed to cleaning up our mess to your satisfaction. We will repair any damage to your lawn by reseeding any ground where we have dug, so that your lawn grows back as beautiful as it was before!

PLEASE NOTE: If you would NOT like us to seed your lawn, or have any feedback about our process,
please contact us immediately at 1.866.765.2282 so we can make a note of that for future reference.


Our first step in the Fibre construction process is obtaining permission from the town to begin building our infrastructure there. If your home is located in an apartment or condominium, or on a private road, some additional work may be required to obtain permits.

Our contractor will mark your property with coloured paint or flags to identify any underground utilities such as gas (yellow), water (blue), hydro (red), or cables (orange), so you can rest assured they are not damaged during the construction phase. A pink paint line on the road indicates the side of your house where we will be stubbing the Fibre pipe.

Construction: Digging

Our construction team, Weber Contracting, will begin building Fibre in your neighborhood. They use horizontal directional drilling and hydro extraction, which are minimally invasive and trenchless methods used to bury the Fibre cables underground along your street.

If you live on a road with no sidewalk, a non-invasive plow machine is used to install the Fibre cables underground through the ditches.

Temporary Pipes

You may notice orange or grey pipes sticking out of the ground; this is temporary and once we install underground access vaults, the pipes are buried, spliced, and then redirected to each property.

If we need to build across an underground gas or hydro utility, a small hole will be cut in the ground to view our progress and ensure nothing is damaged. We are committed to patching up these holes as quickly as possible, or if necessary, temporarily covering them with plywood and a pylon for safety reasons.



When you sign up for services our team will jet Fibre through the microduct and leave it coiled above ground by the road in front of your house, ready for your installation appointment. You do not need to be home for this to take place.

At your installation appointment, our technician will mount a small grey box on the side of your house; its job is to connect the Fibre outside to your internal home wiring. We will need to run a temporary Fibre line above ground from the street, directly to your home to provide you service as quickly as possible. During this time, we will also identify any additional underground utilities on your property, such as sprinkler systems, electric dog fences, and wires, and mark them with coloured flags so they are not damaged later during the burial process.

Then we will connect the Fibre internally at your hydro panel, utilizing your existing home wiring. This is also where we will mount the ONT (Optical Network Terminal) and any other hardware required to service your home. Finally, a modem/router will be installed on the main floor to ensure the best coverage throughout your home.

Fibre Line Burial

If a temporary line was laid during your installation, we will return 2-3 weeks following your final installation to bury your Fibre line underground. We make every attempt to minimize any disruption to the ground and are committed to burying all of our temporary Fibre lines as quickly as possible. Please note, it may take several months following the ground thaw to bury all lines that were laid over the winter and early spring months from November – April.


Your lawn is in good hands! Although our construction and installation processes may require us to dig on your property, you can rest assured that we are committed to cleaning up our mess to your satisfaction. This means refilling any outstanding holes and repairing all areas of your lawn that were disturbed, with topsoil and grass seed.

Grass seed requires optimal weather conditions and time to settle before it is fully established. Please be patient and allow Mother Nature sufficient time to work her magic before you can expect a full restoration of your property.

Testimonials From Our Happy Customers

Far too often in our industry we hear stories of terrible customer service, high prices and false promises. We want to change the game and give you a better story to tell your friends.

“My family and I have enjoyed our new TV package and love our high speed Internet. Also the fact that when I call I actually […]



We love our Internet, it is fast and super crisp. Your company could sure teach a lot of other companies a thing or two about […]


Port Rowan

If you are given the opportunity to get Execulink fibre, get it. Excellent service and fair prices. Love it!



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