Execulink’s Gifts of Christmas 2022

Execulink Telecom is excited to kick off our fifth annual Gifts of Christmas Holiday Donation program!

The program is aimed at spreading festive cheer and giving back to our incredibly supportive communities with a monetary donation to local organizations, groups and charities.

Gift 1: Kiwanis Club Of Ingersoll

On the first day of giving, we are donating to the Kiwanis Club of Ingersoll! They have over 35 active members who live, work and volunteer in the Ingersoll area. The Kiwanis motto is “serving the children of the world”! Thank you to all the members for your contribution to Ingersoll! Learn more about the Kiwanis Club of Ingersoll here https://kiwanisingersoll.com/.

Gift 2:KidsAbility, Waterloo

On the second day of giving, we’re donating to KidsAbility in Waterloo! KidsAbility provides support to nearly 14,000 children and youth to reach their communication, social, physical and behavioral goals each year. They engage our community partners, individuals and groups to help make a difference in children’s lives.

Thank you KidsAbility for empowering children and youth with special needs!

Gift 3: STEM Camp, Embro

On the third day of giving, we’re donating to STEM Camp in Embro! This Canadian and not for profit camp’s mission is to inspire youth through participating in hands-on actives in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. They offer a summer camp every year with different themes and activities each week! Thank you for introducing and exposing kids to STEM!

Gift 4: Ilderton Youth Centre

On the fourth day of giving, we are donating to Ilderton Youth Centre! This centre offers drop-in sessions and special programs for those aged 9-18 years old. Their programs range from March Break & Summer Camps to daily special themes. You can register for their programs on their website and check out ‘Hey Ildteron Youth’ on Facebook or Instagram for updates!

Gift 5: Tillsonburg Station Arts Centre

On the fifth day of giving, we’re donating to Station Arts Centre in Tillsonburg! Their mission is to promote the arts within Tillsonburg and they do so by offering art classes & programs, exhibits and a Saturday Famer’s Market! Programs are available for all ages and include March Break, Summer and PA Day camps for kids!

We love seeing all the great projects and donations that happen because of Station Arts Centre!

Gift 6: Wellkin Child & Youth Mental Wellness

On the sixth day of giving, we’re donating to Wellkin Child & Youth Mental Wellness! Wellkin delivers family mental health care with a focus on children & youth living in Oxford & Elgin Counties. There are no costs required to access Wellkin and their services include assessment, treatments and education delivered by professional therapists. Each child’s treatment plan is customized to address their individual needs.

We love to support organizations like this, thank you for providing this support to children and youth!

Gift 7: Youth Opportunities Unlimited

On the seventh day of giving, we’re donating to Youth Opportunities Unlimited! YOU has helped lead youth in London & Middlesex County towards success by providing them with basic needs, housing, education, employment support and much more.  Thank you for all you do in the community to help youth reach their potential! Learn more about YOU and how you can get involved here! 

Gift 8: Snack Program At Lakewood Elementary

On the eighth day of giving, we’re donating to the Snack Program at Lakewood Elementary School in Port Dover! Their purpose is to provide their students with a healthy snack that feed their brains by filling their tummies. They are able to provide this program at no expense to parents and receiving funding from donations and fundraising programs!

Gift 9: Parkhill Carnegie Gallery

On the ninth day of giving, we’re donating to the Parkhill Carnegie Gallery! They are an art gallery and art centre in the historic Carnegie building and offer a showcase for local artisans and a teaching area for workshops and classes. Learn more about the events they are offering and the local artists!

Gift 10: Huron House Boys' Home

On the tenth day of giving, we’re donating to the Huron House Boys’ Home! For more than 50 years they have supported over 1500 boys and their families in Lambton County. They provide unique programming to boys aged 12 to 18 and help them grow into successful adults and make significant improvements in their lives.

So many lives have been touched by the services provided by this awesome organization!

Gift 11: Long Point Conservation Authority

On the eleventh day of giving, we’re donating to the Long Point Conservation Authority! The LPRCA is one of 36 Conservation Authorities in Ontario and is responsible for the Long Point Region watershed that covers 2782 square kilometers. Their mission is to protect, rejuvenate and optimize the well-being of the watershed. We appreciate everything you do for the Long Point Region!

Gift 12: Middlesex Community Living

On the last day of giving, we’re donating to Middlesex Community Living! They support and advocate for the rights of adults with developmental disabilities and their families. Middlesex Community Living offer accommodation services, employment program, continuing education, community access programs and much more. We are proud to have this organization as a recipient and appreciate everything you do for Strathroy-Caradoc!

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