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Execulink celebrates 120 years

June 12, 2024

EXECULINK Telecom traces its history
back to The Burgessville Telephone
Company founded in 1904 by Dr. Service,
a local medical practitioner. The first line
connected his office to the general store
in Holbrook, two miles down the road. A
small group of enthusiasts helped him dig
post holes and string wire. In a short time,
200 phones were in operation and a decision
was made to establish a company.
Changes were made over the decades to
respond to economic conditions and technological
changes. “Through a lot of hard
times over the years, resilience and hard
work have been a model for us succeeding
and continuing to succeed,” said former
Execulink CEO Keith Stevens.
Execulink Telecom is now a comprehensive
and growing telecommunications
provider of internet, television, voice,
mobility and networking solutions. It is
one of only 22 independent telephone
companies in Canada.
Ian Stevens has been CEO since 2006
and says the company “works very hard”
to provide excellent customer service and
put the needs of customers at the forefront.
“I think our communities value that
and our customers value that,”
said Mr. Stevens.
Execulink has been in Port Dover
since 2018 and provides high
speed fibre optic cable service
throughout the community.
A well-attended open house at
the Execulink office on Highway 6
saw many residents stop in to help
celebrate the company’s 120th anniversary.
There was a display of
communications technology over
the decades, giveaways, and a food
truck offering free treats.