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911 Emergency Information

Provided you can get a signal from a cell tower, 911 service will always be available on your mobile phone. When you dial 9-1-1 from your Execulink Mobility device, you will be routed to the PSAP (Public Service Answering Point) closest to this tower.

Enhanced 9-1-1 (E 9-1-1):

Phase One Areas

The PSAP receives your mobile phone number, area code, and the location of the cell tower handling your call.

Phase Two Areas

The PSAP’s connection to a Phase Two-ready mobile device receives your area code and phone number but also your longitude and latitude. Geolocation is especially useful if you are unable to give the 9-1-1 operator your exact location due to illness or injury.

Wireless 911 Tips:

  • always give the operator your cell phone number including area code in case you are in an area not equipped with wireless E9-1-1 and the operator does not know your number;
  • tell the operator your location or the location of the emergency reflecting the fact that the operator does not know your actual location;
  • stay on the line with the operator (customers are not charged for 911 airtime);
  • DO NOT hang up until told to do so and to leave your phone turned on after hanging up in case the operator needs to call you back;
  • DO NOT pre-program 9-1-1 on your cell phone thus helping to reduce the chance of unintended accidental calls to 9-1-1 service.