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How to set up Scenes

Scenes allow you to execute multiple actions across multiple devices at once. They can be configured and executed using both the app and website. You can create as many scenes as you need.

To set up scenes, follow these steps:

1. Log into the customer app or website.
2. Navigate to the Scenes section.
3. If you want to create a new scene, click on the “New Scene” button. If you want to edit an existing scene, select the scene you want to modify.
4. Enter a name for the scene in the “Scene Name” field.
5. Customize the scene by selecting the desired actions for the devices you want to control. Depending on the equipment enrolled in your system, you can control security systems (arming), locks, garage doors, gates, thermostats, lights, and more!
6. Save your changes.

Note: Some devices have certain restrictions when it comes to scene configuration.