You deserve affordable internet.

We believe Canadians deserve to pay affordable prices for Internet, TV and Phone services.  We strive to provide competitive rates for our services and support creating a fair industry landscape.  But we can’t do it alone. We need your help!

But First, a History Lesson...

In August 2019, the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) made the decision to lower the rates internet providers like Execulink Telecom pay to access internet infrastructure. This was great news for Canadians, and we were excited to offer lower internet rates to our customers.

Unfortunately, the large internet providers challenged the CRTC’s decision in court which has resulted in the delay of these lower access rates being implemented. Though these lower rates were put on pause, we have worked very hard to keep the price of your internet service as low as possible, with the hopes that a final decision from the CRTC would come soon.

With no final decision in sight, we believe it’s time for the CRTC to enforce its ruling to institute fair wholesale rates.  We know that Internet is more essential today than ever before and this will give Canadians choice and help protect affordable Internet service.  

So, What Can We Do About It?

You can take action by visiting the website of the Competitive Network Operators of Canada (CNOC) and using their tool to send an email to your MP. Help us give you the awesome and affordable experience you deserve.

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