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Call Display

How Call Display Works

  • In order to have call display, you need a call display capable phone. After the first ring, the name and telephone number of the caller will appear on your display screen. This includes callers who have non-published numbers. This does not include callers who have blocked their number.
  • A caller’s name doesn’t usually appear on a cellular phone unless it has previously been entered into the address book of the called party’s handset.   If the calling parties name hasn’t been entered in the Address Book, you will only see the calling number.  Incoming calls showing “Blocked”, “Restricted” or “Unknown” usually means that the caller has intentionally blocked their number

Call Display Tips

  • Calls from locations that are not equipped for Call Display will appear as unknown.
  • Long distance calls may be displayed as long distance.
  • You may not be able to call some of the numbers appearing on your display since they may originate from telephones that cannot receive calls. (e.g. certain pay phones)