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Common TV Issues Terminology

The below chart outlines some common TV issues, including their terminology, definitions and pictures as reference for troubleshooting purposes.

Term to use Definition Picture
Black Screen The STB is on, a channel has been selected, but no video is appearing
No Audio No sound is playing on a channel, even after checking volume levels.
Video Corruption Video is either partially or completely distorted with different colours and shapes.
Changing Bitrate Video resolution degrades. The picture goes from 720p to 480p
High Motion Blur When camera quickly pans from one side to the other and there is video quality issues during this brief time.
Video Tearing When this happens, parts of two frames are drawn to the display at once, creating a “tear” between the two frames in the form a horizontal line or lines across your screen.
Buffering When experiencing buffering – the video will freeze and you will see a wheel spinning in the middle of your screen