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Configure a Video Analytics rule for an doorbell camera

Note: instructions are for the ADC-VDB770 doorbell camera.
The Video Analytics rule for doorbell cameras operates differently from general Video Analytics. Video Analytics for doorbell cameras has the following features:

  • One Video Analytics recording rule per device
  • Only Ground Zone rules can be created
  • Only people can be detected

To create the Video Analytics rule using the app:

1. Log into the app.
2. Tap Video.
3. Tap Configure.
4. Tap Recording Rules.
5. Tap Add New Rule.
6. Tap Video Analytics.
7. Tap to select the desired doorbell camera.

To create the Video Analytics rule using the customer website:

1. Log into the customer website.
2. Click Video.
3. Click Recording Rules.
4. Click Add New Rule.
5. Click to select Video Analytics.
6. Click to select the desired doorbell camera.

Configure the Video Analytics rule:
1. In the Rule Name field, enter a name for the recording rule.
2. Click and drag the corners of the shape to cover only the ground where the person’s feet will be, or click and drag inside the shape to move the shape it. To clear the current area of interest and restart, click Clear ground zone.
3. Use the Detection Sensitivity slider to select the desired sensitivity.

To customize when the rule is active:
1. Using the Set Minimum Delay Between Clips dropdown menu, select the desired timeframe. This setting determines how long the camera must wait after recording a clip to trigger another recording.
2. In The Rule will run…, click to select At all times or Only during the following times.
a. If Only during the following times is selected:
i. Click to select the days of the week to record on.
ii. Using the Begin dropdown menu, select the time for the recording rule to start.
iii. Using the End dropdown menu, select the time for the recording rule to stop.
3. In Except when…, click to select any available exceptions that turn the rule off regardless of the schedule. Options depending on the equipment include: the panel is armed away, the panel is armed stay, and Geo-Device is inside a specified Geo-Fence.

To configure the notifications:
Click to select the desired notification recipients. It is recommended to use push notifications to a phone using the dropdown option to attach a thumbnail.

To enable Touchless Doorbell:
1. Click the Enable Touchless Doorbell toggle to enable Touchless Doorbell.
2. Click and drag to create an area where the guest can stand that triggers the Video Doorbell to ring.
3. Using the Duration Inside Area of Interest dropdown menu, select how long the guest must stay in the zone to trigger the Video Doorbell.
4. Click Save.