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What is my web server’s host name / IP address?

The following table lists the various web hosting packages that Execulink offers (or has offered), along with the server host names and IP addresses that can be used for connecting via FTP. The listed Server IP address for each package can also be used as the DNS A record for a domain’s website.

Package Name Server Host Name
(Can be used for FTP)
Server IP
(Can be used for FTP & DNS records)
Current Web Hosting Packages
Web Premiume
Web Ultra
Web Presence Pro (DIFM)
Web Commerce Plus (DIFM)
Current Domain Forwarding/Pointing Packages
Domain Forwarding / Pointing
Grandfathered Web Hosting Packages
Web Hosting (Basic)
Web Hosting Premium
Web Hosting Ultra
MOZ Web Hosting
Basic Web Hosting
Lite Web Hosting
SOHO Basic Web Hosting
SOHO Personal Basic Web Hosting
SOHO Extreme Web Hosting
SOHO Plus Web Hosting
Basic Frontpage Hosting
Bronze Web Hosting
Bronze ASP Web Hosting
Silver Web Hosting
Silver Lite Web Hosting
Gold Web Hosting
Platinum Web Hosting
Odyssey Web Hosting
MGL Web Hosting


Note: If your website has had a non-generic (vanity) SSL certificate purchased and installed for your website, the Server IP listed in the table immediately above may not be accurate.  In such cases, the correct IP for your web hosting server can either be obtained via the SSL Manager application in Portal, or by contacting our Technical Support team.