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What is the Portal / Control Panel?

Execulink has a couple of different web-based website management interfaces available. One is named Portal (formerly the WebSiteOS), and one is called the Control Panel. Both interfaces provide access to various tools/applications that clients may find useful for managing their hosted website(s).


  • Portal is, by far, the more advanced of the two website management interfaces, with access to a slew of different website management tools and applications.
  • Portal is available to all web hosting packages hosted on any of the following servers, though the tools/applications available will vary from package to package:
  • You can determine which server your site is hosted on by consulting the table below.
    • If the Server Host Name listed beside your web hosting package is one of those three above, your package should come with Portal access.
    • (Basically, this covers almost all hosting packages except for the MOZ, MGL, and Odyssey offerings.)

Control Panel

  • Control Panel is a very basic website management interface that provides access to a handful of pre-written CGI scripts that can be used on client websites.
  • Control Panel is only available on MOZ web hosting packages.