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How do I use the Menu section of my TV service?

Watch this video to get an overview of the Menu section of your Execulink TV guide:

The Menu is your home screen which provides one-stop access to things like show recommendations, On Demand, DVR Recordings, the Search function, Settings, and more.

To access and navigate the Menu:

  1. Press Menu on your remote control.
  2. Press the Up/Down, Left/Right buttons on your remote control to navigate the highlight through the Menu.
  3. Press OK to activate that highlighted selection.
  4. Press Exit to leave the Menu.On the left-hand side of the menu you will find your main navigation panel which includes:
  • Home: Includes shows you are currently watching (“Continue Watching”), On Demand Recommendations, Live TV Recommendations, Most Watched shows, and Recent Searches.
  • Search: Find your favorite programs by title or key word.
  • TV: When clicked, takes you to the program guide. When hovered over, will show you your favourites and other channel categories on the right.On Demand: On Demand selections.
  • Recordings: Watch, edit, and create DVR recordings (only functioning on STBs with DVR capabilities)Settings: Settings for Parental Controls, Preferences, Users, Hardware, and more.
  • Reminders: Contains upcoming Reminders, Autotune reminders, and PPV (Pay-Per-View) events. Note: This option will only show if one of those options is applicable to you.

Under Home you will find:

  1. Most Watched on TV: Popular TV programming.
  2. Most Watched On Demand: Popular On Demand programming
  3. Continue Watching: Shows that you haven’t finished yet or series in progress.
  4. Live TV Recommendations: Recommendations for current Live TV programming.
  5. On Demand Recommendations: Recommendations for On Demand programming.
  6. Recent Searches: Recent programming you have searched for.
  7. Favorites: Create or edit Favorites lists with the “Favorites” button. Or, quickly access All channels, Subscribed channels only, and Pay-Per-View channels.