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No Phone Service

For your Execulink Digital Phone service to work properly, you need a working Internet connection. Check the appropriate page in the Support Centre to verify your Internet connection.

  • Check what lights are on your modem and digital phone unit (ATA):

1. For the modem, the Power (Green/Amber – solid), Ethernet/LAN Link (Green – solid or
flashing), and ADSL/DSL (Green – solid) lights should be on.

2. For the ATA, the Power (Green – solid), Ethernet (Green – flashing), and Phone1 (Green – solid) lights should be on.

3. If any of these lights are not as they should be, power cycle your equipment in sequence
(starting from modem to computer) to see if they will start properly.

  • If your Phone1 light is solid green, but you still cannot make or receive calls, try to bypass your inside telephone wiring:

1. On the back of the ATA, there is a Phone1 jack. Unplug whatever is in it, and plug in an
ordinary, corded telephone directly into the Phone1 jack. Do not include a filter.

2. Check the telephone for dialtone, and attempt to place a call.

3. If your call goes through properly, your inside wiring may be at fault.

4. If your call still does not go through, try a different corded telephone. If this still does not work, the ATA device may require replacement.

  • If your Phone1 light is not green, but your Internet connection works properly, the ATA device may require replacement, or there may be another issue present. Contact technical support for further assistance.