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Poor Line Quality

Digital Voice

There could be a couple of reasons why your phone service sounds muffled/garbled/echoed. One major reason is shared Internet access. If more than one computer is using the Internet while you are on the phone, this may cause call quality problems. Bittorrent and peer-to-peer traffic can drastically affect telephone calls and should be completely avoided when you want to use the telephone.

1. First verify your physical setup using the appropriate page in our Voice Guides section of the Support Centre.

2. Once everything is plugged-in correctly, and if the issue persists, try going to and click on any video to make sure you can watch it.

3. If you are still unable to resolve the call quality issue, follow the below instructions to gather some information that our technical support department will need:

1. Click on Start, then Run.

2. Type cmd in the box and then click OK.

3. In the black command prompt window, type ping -n 10 -l 160 and press Enter on your keyboard.

4. This will bring up some information. The Lost value should equal 0 (0% lost) and the Approximate round trip average should be less than 150ms.

5. Record this information.

4. For further assistance, call our technical support department and let them know what troubleshooting you have done already, including the results obtained in the previous step.