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What Is Execulink’s Refund Policy?

The maximum refund allowed is 60 days worth of service. If a customer still has equipment belonging to Execulink Telecom and is entitled to a refund, a refund will not be issued until all equipment has been returned to the offices of Execulink Telecom. A refund may be considered if it falls into one of these categories:

1. An error is made by Execulink Telecom.

2. In accordance with our cancellation policy.

3. Annual accounts that cancel prior to the end of the prepaid period (minus the cancellation fee).

4. Local Phone customers who live in the following areas: Burgessville (424), Woodstock (456), Norwich (468), Port Franks (243), and Thedford (296); that cancel prior to the end of their prepaid period (provided they give at least 30 days notice).