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Call Trace

How to Use Call Trace

When you receive a prank or threatening call, hang up. You don’t have to stay on the call for any period of time. Call Trace can be activated immediately after the call ends.

1. Pick up the handset, listen for a dial tone, and dial *57. (Rotary customers dial 1157.)

2. A recorded message will tell you whether or not the call was traced.

3. Hang up.

Call Trace Tips

  • You can use Call Trace on any telephone in your home.
  • Call Trace only works on the last incoming call. If you receive another call before you activate call trace the last call will be traced instead of the threatening call.
  • The number of the caller is recorded with Execulink Telecom Inc. and will be released only to the police upon their request. You will not be advised of the caller’s telephone number.
  • If Call Trace cannot be activated, a recorded message will let you know.
  • There is a charge for the use of the Call Trace feature.