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Domain Registration FAQ

How do I register a domain with Execulink?

If you would like to register a domain through Execulink, please reach out to our Sales Team via phone (1-877-393-2854) or e-mail ( and they can go over the process with you.

How do I renew a domain through Execulink?

If you are looking to renew a domain, please reach out to our Sales Team by phone (1-877-393-2854) or e-mail ( to discuss renewal options.

How do I transfer a domain to Execulink?

There are a couple of key prerequisites that must be met before a transfer can be initiated:

  • The domain must be in a state that permits a Registrar transfer.
    • This can be confirmed via the current Registrar for the domain, or in certain circumstances, simply by looking at the listed ‘Domain Status’ in the domain’s WHOIS record.
  • You must have access to the domain’s authorization (AUTH) or EPP code
    • This can be obtained via the current Registrar.

To initiate discussions about transferring a domain to Execulink, please reach out to our Sales Team via phone (1-877-393-2854) or e-mail (

How do I obtain my domain’s AUTH/EPP code?

If Execulink is the Registrar for the domain in question, to obtain the AUTH/EPP code for it, simply send an e-mail with the request to Don’t forget to mention which domain your request is regarding.

If Execulink is not the Registrar for the domain, you’ll need to follow-up with the current Registrar to obtain the AUTH/EPP code.

Note: AUTH/EPP codes can only be released to a valid contact for the domain and/or your Execulink account.

How can I view the current WHOIS record for my domain?

The simplest way to view a WHOIS record for a domain is to use one of the myriad of WHOIS web tools that exist. Here are a couple of options:

How do I update the information contained in my domain’s WHOIS record if Execulink is my Registrar?

It should be noted that only a valid contact person for your domain/account can request changes to your domain’s WHOIS record. No updates will be made to a domain’s WHOIS record without the appropriate authorization.

Updating DNS Hosts

To have the DNS hosts that are listed in your domain’s WHOIS record changed, send an e-mail to with the domain name and the desired DNS hosts.

  • Because changing DNS hosts ultimately changes the DNS servers that are responsible for all of a domain’s DNS records, doing so has the potential to impact all DNS records for that domain, including the MX (mail) record.
  • As such, if you are updating DNS hosts but have some DNS records that should not be changing, you’ll want to ensure that your new DNS host has all of the required DNS records in place for your domain prior to migrating the DNS hosting over to them.
  • This would typically be accomplished by requesting a copy of your domain’s zone file from the current DNS host, and then providing that information to your future DNS host, along with details specifying which records need to be kept.

Updating WHOIS Contact Information

If you are looking to have any of the contact information that is associated with your domain updated, please send an e-mail to with the specifics.

How do I know when my domain registration will expire?

The domain’s WHOIS record typically has a field that will specify the registration expiry date. Depending upon the Registrar, this may be labelled as ‘Expiry/Expiration Date’, ‘Registrar Registration Expiration Date’, or some variant thereof.

What happens if my domain registration expires?

If your domain registration expires, all services associated with your domain (i.e. e-mail, web hosting, etc.) will stop working.

Services will not be completely restored until after the domain’s registration has been renewed, and the standard DNS propagation period (up to 48 hours) has elapsed.

As such, it is highly recommended that domains are renewed well in advance of their expiry dates, to avoid outages to domain-related services.

What does it mean when my domain has a clientHold status?

A clientHold status typically means one of two things:

What is the Registrant/WHOIS verification process?

The Registrant/WHOIS verification process is an e-mail verification process for domains that is meant to ensure that WHOIS contact information is kept accurate and up to date. (Note: this does not apply to .ca domains.)

Once the process has been initiated, a verification e-mail is sent to the Registrant’s contact e-mail address as listed in the WHOIS record for the domain, and the Registrant has 15 days to act upon it. Specifically, the recipient will be asked to visit a website ( to verify the contact details for their domain.  An example of what this site should look like is shown immediately below:

If the listed information on this page is incorrect, please follow up with our Customer Care team by phone (1-877-393-2854) or e-mail ( to have it updated.  Otherwise, if the information is correct, simply click on the Verify Information button to complete the process.

If no action is taken, verification e-mails will continue to be sent at the following intervals:

  • 5 days after the initial e-mail
  • 10 days after the initial e-mail
  • 13 days after the initial e-mail
  • 15 days after the initial e-mail

If no action is taken within 15 days, the domain’s status is updated to clientHold, and all associated domain-related services (i.e. e-mail, web hosting, etc.) will cease functioning.

What triggers this process?

The Registrant/WHOIS verification process is triggered by the following events:

  • When a new domain is registered.
  • When a domain is transferred from one Registrar to another.
  • When the existing WHOIS contact information for a domain is updated.
  • If the annual WDRP (WHOIS Data Reminder Policy) e-mail bounces.
    • This is an e-mail that is sent annually to a domain’s Registrant contact e-mail address to serve as a reminder to keep their WHOIS information up to date.
  • If a domain renewal reminder e-mail bounces.
    • This is an e-mail that is sent to a domain’s Registrant contact e-mail address as a reminder that their domain will be expiring in the near future.
    • These are typically sent 90, 60, 30, and 5 days prior to the domain’s expiry date.

What do I do if my domain has failed the Registrant/WHOIS verification?

If your domain has failed this process, any services associated with the domain (i.e. e-mail, the website, etc.) will no longer work. As such, you’ll want to reach out to our Customer Care team by phone (1-877-393-2854) or e-mail (

  • If your WHOIS contact information is already accurate and up to date, they can have the verification e-mail resent so that upon receiving it, you can take immediate action.
  • If your WHOIS contact information is inaccurate, they can work with you to have it updated.
    • Once the WHOIS contact updates are completed, a new verification e-mail will be sent to the new contact e-mail address, which can be dealt with upon its receipt.

Once the validation process has been successfully completed, the clientHold status will be removed from your domain, and any domain-related services should recover shortly thereafter.