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How do I navigate the guide on my TV?

There are a few different ways to navigate the Guide:

  1. a) Tune to a channel on the Guide by entering the channel number and pressing OK.
    b) Or, press the Guide button and use the arrow buttons on the remote to move the highlight through the Guide, channel by channel.
  2. Press the Left or Right arrows to move the highlight through the Guide to view what programs are showing in the past or future. You can view Guide date for programs up to 7 days into the future.
  3. Press the Page Up/Page Down buttons to move through the Guide page by page.
  4. Press OK to preview a highlighted show on the Guide in the upper-left corner of your TV screen. To tune to the channel, press OK again.
  5. Press Exit on the remote to leave the Guide or repeatedly press the Guide button on your remote to cycle through all of the available Guides and it will disappear.

Tip: Press Back on your controller while watching a show to open the Recently Watched menu which will show you the last programs you watched. You can tune to a particular program by highlighting the appropriate box and pressing OK.