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Long Distance Access Codes

Access Codes are an optional service as part of Long Distance services from Execulink Telecom. They are 4-8 digit numbers that can be setup to make bills easier to read and keep track of long distance calls. Every member of the household can have a code allowing calls to be tracked, or business calls and personal calls can allow for accurate expense management. Names can be applied to specific codes for easy viewing.

How to set up your long distance access codes

1. Go to MyExeculink and sign in.

2. Click on Phone under the Services tab.

3. From the Phone section, click on the phone number you want to setup codes for.

4. On the section that loads to the right click Settings on the horizontal blue bar.

5. Additional options will appear, click on Account Codes in the menu.

6. To add a new code or edit an existing one, click the Edit List button.

7. On the Manage Assigned Account Codes window that loads, enter a numerical code in the ‘Account code’ field then the person’s name in the ‘Description’ field. (Note: All codes on a given line must be the same number of digits. You cannot have one code which is 3 digits long and another which is 5 digits long.)

8. Click the Add button to add the account code and OK to close the window.

Using your access codes

1. Dial the long distance telephone number

2. Wait for the dial-tone sound to change

3. Enter your long distance access code

If the options above are not present or functional please contact technical support for assistance.