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Notice of Copyright Infringement FAQ

The new Copyright Modernization Act passed by our federal government legally requires ISP’s like Execulink to forward notices of alleged Copyright infringement from Copyright holders to our customers.  If you have received one of these automated emails you may have some questions which we hope to answer below.  Please know that at Execulink we take our customers privacy concerns very seriously, we will not provide any information regarding customers’ accounts to Copyright holders without a Canadian court order requiring us to do so.

What is copyright infringement?
Downloading and/or sharing copyright protected materials without legal consent from the Copyright holder.

Why did I receive this notification?
You received the “Notice of Alleged Copyright Infraction” because Execulink was notified by the Copyright holder that your Internet Protocol (IP) address has been associated with an alleged copyright infringement.  Legally Execulink is obligated to forward a copy of the Copyright holder’s notice.

How did this notice get generated?
Copyright holders have tools to monitor various websites that use sharing services to detect their copyright material. They inform Execulink if one of our IP’s has been associated with an alleged copyright infringement.

Has my information been provided to the Copyright holder?
Execulink has not provided the Copyright holder any information about you, other than confirmation that we forwarded the notification to you.

What are the details of the copyright infringement allegation?
Copyright holders provide certain details about an alleged infringement including title, source, timestamp, and IP.  Execulink will not look into any further details of the infringement allegation, nor will we assess the merits of the allegation.

Are you monitoring my Internet usage?
Other than quantity of data transfer, Execulink does not monitor your internet usage. The Copyright holder associated with this notice has determined by their own means that your IP was involved in a copyright infringement allegation.

What should I do now?
Execulink has no further information on the copyright infringement allegation.  If you have questions concerning this matter, you may wish to contact the Copyright holder directly. Contact information for the Copyright holder can be found within the body of the notification email.

I believe someone else has used my Internet connection. What should I do?
If you believe that someone else has caused this infringement by using your Internet connection please ensure that your wireless network is secured (password protected) and that you are using antivirus software to protect your PC. See below for more information.