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How do I use the Search function on my Execulink TV service?

Watch this tutorial to learn how to use the Search function on your Execulink TV guide:

Search for programming across the guide using the handy search function.

To search:

  1. Press the yellow button on your remote control.
  2. Use the Up/Down/Left/Right arrows to highlight the letters on the onscreen keyboard to enter the search keyword.
    • Note: your previous search will still be shown in the text box. Press the trashcan icon to start a fresh search.
  3. You can choose from the results below the keyboard to find your show’s title, or choose from the populated shows on the right. The results on the right are divided into appropriate sections (eg.Guide results, On Demand (VOD) results, and DVR (your DVR recordings).
  4. Tune to the program in order to watch, record or rent.

Tip: You can also search for other shows and movies a particular actor is in, by either searching the name in the Search feature text box, or by clicking on an actor’s name in the expanded information for a movie or TV show.