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Usage-Based Billing

What is usage?

Usage is the amount of data transferred to and from your connected device. Virtually everything you do online has usage – from viewing web pages to streaming music or video. Different online activities transfer different amounts of data.

What is uploading and downloading?
Uploading is the sending of data from a local system such as your computer to a remote system such as a server. For example, you can upload photos to Facebook or Flickr from your computer. Opposite of uploading is downloading, which is when you receive data to a local system such as your computer from a remote system. For example, you can download movies or songs from the Internet to your computer.

Does my usage include both uploads and downloads?
Yes, your allotted usage combines both uploads and downloads.

How much usage do different online activities use?
Online activities such as browsing the Internet and sending email will not consume much usage and for the average user doing these activities you should not use more than a few gigabytes (GB) per month. Activities such as downloading movies, streaming music and videos from sources such as YouTube and Netflix on the other hand will consume significantly more usage. Users who do these activities should consider a usage plan with higher usage limitations in order to avoid overage charges.

What online activities can be done with 1 gigabyte (GB) of usage (approximations)? 

  • Browse the Internet for 30 hours or
  • Send/receive 100,000 emails or
  • Upload/download 400 digital photos or
  • Download 200 songs or
  • Download 1 movie

Does Internet speed affect my usage?
A faster connection could allow you to have more usage, however if you don’t change what you do online and the frequency you do it, you will likely not notice an increase in your usage. If you start doing more activities online or have multiple people sharing the Internet connection then this would use more usage. Faster Internet speeds will normally just let you do something faster.

How can I check and see how much I have used?
At any time you may log into MyExeculink located at . Once logged in, you can locate your usage under the View your usage section. Your usage is updated every 4 hours.

Can I check and see my usage from previous months?
Yes, in MyExeculink you can see the previous year’s usage by month as well as the current usage period.

Do I get notified when I am approaching my usage limit?
Yes, you will get notified by email when you reach 80% and 100% of your usage limit.

What is my “usage period”?
Your usage period is the same as your billing period. For example, if your billing date is the 20th of each month, then your usage period would be from January 20th to February 19th. If you have a 50 gigabyte (GB) usage limit, then your usage would be re-set to zero on February 20th and you would have another 50GB of usage for the period of February 20th to March 19th.

When will I get billed for over usage charges?
You are billed for over usage charges for the current usage period on your next bill date. For example, over usage charges from the period of January 20th to February 19th will appear on your February 20th bill.

Can I carry over usage from one month to the next?
No, unused usage cannot be carried over to the next month.

Can I increase or decrease the amount of my usage limit?
Yes, you may increase or decrease the amount of your usage limit to one of our usage plans available. Please contact an Execulink Telecom representative to make this change.