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Using Your DVR

Watch this tutorial to learn how to use your Cloud DVR features on your Execulink TV guide:

With Cloud DVR, you can easily record the programs you want to watch and then view them whenever it’s convenient for you. Plus, DVR lets you pause, rewind, and replay the action during live TV.

Control Live TV

  1. Press Pause on your remote control to pause the program.
  2. To resume watching the program, press Play.
  3. Press Rewind on your remote to reverse live TV or a recorded program.
  4. Press Rewind or Fast Forward on your remote repeatedly to change the rewind/fast forward speed by 4, 16, 32, or 64 times.
  5. Press Stop on your remote control to return to Live TV.

Record Live TV

Record the show you are watching by pressing the Record button. The show will be recorded until it is scheduled to finish. To manually stop the recording before it is scheduled to finish, press Stop.

Record From Guide

Use the Guide to navigate to the show you want to record. Press the Record button on your remote control to record the show.

Record By Search

  1. Navigate to the Menu by pressing the Menu button.
  2. Use the arrow keys to highlight the Search function.
  3. Use the on-screen keyboard and enter the letters of a show’s title. Results will automatically populate.
  4. You can choose from the results below the keyboard to find your show’s title, or choose from the populated shows on the right.
  5. Navigate to the program you want to record, click on it, and press Create Recording.
  6. From here you can select the options to record your program or series.

View Recordings

  1. You can access your recordings either by pressing the Red button on your remote (note: this is different than the record button), OR by pressing the Menu button and navigating to the Recordings option and pressing OK.
  2. It is divided into Recorded Programs (current recordings) and Scheduled Recordings (upcoming episodes scheduled to record).
  3. Navigate to the show or series you want to view in your Recordings and press OK. Shows that were recorded in the past are greyed out.
  4. Highlight the Play Recording button . Press OK again to view the recording.

Delete Recordings

  1. Press the Menu button on your remote control. Use the down arrow key to navigate to the Recordings option and navigate to the right screen.
  2. Navigate to the show or series you want to delete in your Recorded Programs, click on Manage Recordings then Delete Recording. Use the Delete Recording or Delete All buttons to delete a particular episode or a whole series of episodes. Press Delete to confirm.

Cancel an Upcoming Show Recording
You can cancel an upcoming recording of a show by selecting the show in the Recordings menu or on the guide and press Manage Recordings and then Cancel Recording. Then press Confirm to confirm.

Create and Manage a Series Recording

  1. Use the Guide or Search function on the Home Screen to navigate to a show you want to record. Highlight the show and press OK.
  2. Press the Info button on your remote.
  3. Click Create Recording.
  4. Scroll down to Record Series.
  5.  The pop-up menu allows you to choose if you want to record All or New Only episodes to skip re-runs. The Limit-To section allows you to set the maximum number of saved recordings for the series. Once past this number, it will start deleting old recordings.
  6. To edit a series recording, click on Manage Recordings and press OK. Highlight the Update Series Recording button to change your recording options.

Cancel a Series Recording

  1. To cancel a series recordings, navigate to a single episode or the entire series through your
    Recordings menu, and press OK.
  2. Highlight and press the Manage Recording button, then press Cancel Episode or Cancel Series Recording and press Confirm.