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Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Posted by tpoole on October 20, 2017


As fall brings cooler weather, knit sweaters, and leaves changing colour. It also brings back EVERYTHING pumpkin spice!

And when I say everything, I mean everything. You can find pumpkin spice in teas, lattes, coffee, hot chocolate, candles, doughnuts, muffins, scones, ice cream, m&ms, wine, beer, cough drops, protein powder, mini wheats, pet food, and candles.


So what is pumpkin spice?

Oddly enough pumpkin spice often isn’t made with any actual pumpkin in it. It consists of ground cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves. If these spices remind you of a common flavour or recipe it makes sense, these are the spices that are used when making pumpkin pie. Although many pumpkin spice products aren’t made with actual pumpkin, you can find some that are made with pumpkin puree. If you are curious if the product you are getting contains actual pumpkin or not, check the ingredients label.


Will pumpkin spice be the superior fall flavor forever?

There are many amazing fall foods and flavours that come around this time of the year. Squash, apples, and maple are all very prominent and delicious fall flavours. Although pumpkin spice has been the go-to fall flavour for many years now, there are many different fall tastes,such as apples, cinnamon and anything which is sweet and savory. This fall we have be seeing an increase in maple flavoured items such as coffees, iced teas, yogurt and chips. So heads up pumpkin spice; maple may takeover! For all of you pumpkin spice lovers-- I wouldn’t worry; pumpkin spice likely won’t go far.

Personally, I am a fall lover; the leaves changing, cool weather, the food, pumpkin spice, and everything nice that comes with it. Even though I love pumpkin spice, I am definitely curious to see all of the flavour combinations that will grow in popularity over the next few years that showcase fall fruits and vegetables.


Why is Link TV so Awesome?

Posted by tpoole on October 12, 2017


Link TV is a versatile and personalized TV option that allows you to watch your favourite shows anywhere, anytime! When you sign up for Link TV you are able to choose from a variety of channel options including Single Picks, Theme Packs, build your own Pick Packs, and more. Link TV also has the added benefits of Cloud DVR, Restart TV, Catch – Up TV, plus you are able to watch on any TV, tablet, or smartphone. Link TV is not your average everyday TV service, but don’t just take our word for it, check out what some of our awesome customers are saying!

Just started using this service. Love it. Able to pick and choose channels so easy. Great price. Highly recommend Execulink!!
-          Heather G.

Love it! Have had Link TV for just over a month now and it is reliable and reasonably priced!
-          Angie T.

Just installed Link TV. Easy to do and support was great. Finally I can watch what I want to watch. Thanks Execulink.
-          Dana M.

I have my Link TV and I love it!!! My picture is way better then Satellite ever was!!! Couldn't be happier!!
-          Nicole M.

With their newest service Link TV we were part of the early testing and have now signed up for a package, I like the flexibility to pick plans; themed packages or individual stations, the flexibility to adjust a plan at any time, the mobile screening option and the price point!  We had dropped cable tv 5 years ago and were just getting by with digital bunny ears and a couple stations because I was done paying the big $$$. Execulink won us over with their flexibility and price point.
-          Sheila B.

Thank You @Execulink ! I'm in LoveloveLove with my new #LinkTV . Haven't had TV in 3+ yrs n this is awesome.
-          Trace L.

Just started using this service. Love it. Able to pick and choose channels so easily. Great price. Highly recommend Execulink!!
-          Heather G.

If you are interested in learning more or signing up for Link TV, check it out here.

From all of us here at Execulink, thank you for all your kind comments. We love when we can give back to our neighbours this way and enhance their lifestyle with an awesome TV viewing experience! 


Give Thanks to Technology

Posted by bsolymar on October 6, 2017



When it comes to thanksgiving, my family is fairly traditional. We all come together on one night, indulge in a dangerous amount of turkey, stuff our faces with pumpkin pie, laugh a lot and then lounge on the couch in a food coma. But I would be lying if I said technology was not a part of our family dinners, just as it has become an integral part of many others’. From trying new recipes on Pinterest, to Skyping with our loved ones, we’ve probably all been there and have already started for this coming Thanksgiving. So how has technology impacted Thanksgiving?

Pinterest/ Recipe Websites

Online food websites like Pinterest and recipe blogs are my go-to’s when I’m looking for unique and scrumptious Thanksgiving dinner ideas to whip up for my family and friends! So why not enhance your traditional Thanksgiving dinner by using the internet to as your key recipe platform this Holiday season! Go ahead, spice up that mashed squash with a new vegetation dish like an Autumn Roasted Veggie Salad!


Or, what about using that delicious leftover turkey for a Next Day Turkey Primavera!


Snapchat Photos

 ‘Tis the season to use Snapchat Holiday filters with your family and friends. Entertain the younger crowd by Face Swapping with a squirrel!  Or, show your friends what dad looks like in a turkey outfit! Share some laughs this Thanksgiving with the countless customizable filters available to you through the Snapchat app.


Facetime/ Skype

Everyone has a busy life- especially around the holidays. You may have family members living in different cities, or family and friends that are just unable to make it. But not to worry; technology has allowed us to spend time with our family, even when they are far away. Developments such as Skype, video calling and Facetime have connected the world with just the click of a button.

How to use Facetime: If you have an iPhone, the Facetime app is already installed. As long as that family member also has an iPhone, just call their number through the Facetime app and voila!

How to use Skype: Download Skype onto your device and then set up your account. Once your account is set-up you can add your family member’s by searching for their Skype name. When they accept your request, you can call them at any point in time. If more than one family member is away, use the conference call feature to connect with everyone at the same time!


Electric Carving Knife

We’ve all been there, sitting patiently around the table, waiting for that juicy Thanksgiving turkey to make an appearance- and hoping you’re not the one who has to carve it! Anyone who has carved a turkey understands why even the sharpest knife in the drawer has no comparison to an electric carving knife. Follow this link for the best new electric carving knives you can try out this Thanksgiving! https://www.smarthome.guide/best-electric-knife/.

Tech Support for Family Members

How do I use the camera on this phone? How can I lower my data usage? Why does my phone run out of battery so quickly? The Wi-Fi in my house is always cutting out on me, how can I improve it? How do I know if facebook is actually safe? They say I need a modem and a router, what does that mean, what’s the difference? Tech questions are a constant at family gatherings, so why not brush up on some of your technology lingo with these blogs so that you can help family with any of your questions and impress them with all of your technology knowledge.

Link TV

After dinner, take your food comma to the couch and tune into your favourite shows with Link TV. Missed your show during family dinner? No problem, with Cloud DVR you have the ability record a show and then watch it at another time! Use Restart TV to restart the big game, so never have to miss the first touchdown! You can also watch a thanksgiving special from yesterday with the Catch-Up TV feature!


As technology changes, so do our Thanksgiving traditions. We should take this time to be thankful for the advancements that help bring our family closer together and ultimately make our lives a little simpler.  Don’t forget to utilize these technological developments to make for the best Thanksgiving yet!


Experience Awesome With Link TV

Posted by jlinnerth on September 7, 2017


TV is not a service that Execulink is unfamiliar with. For over 20 years, Execulink has provided TV to several communities in Southwestern Ontario. Well, we’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded our service area with the launch of Link TV we are now able to provide many more customers with an awesome TV experience!

Now Available In Your Area

Link TV is now available to Execulink Internet customers in the following cities and surrounding areas: Brantford, Cambridge, Guelph, Hamilton, Kitchener, London, Mississauga, Toronto, Waterloo, and Woodstock.

Why Now?

So you might be wondering, why are you expanding your TV services now? Well, Link TV has been an evolving service that has required a lot of testing and tinkering. We now have it at a spot where we are confident that it will deliver the awesome experience you deserve!

What is Special about Link TV?

Link TV is not your average everyday television service.   Delivered over the Execulink network, Link TV is a versatile viewing experience that allows you to watch your favourite shows on your TV, tablet or smartphone.  You can even watch one show on your tablet while someone else is watching the big game or a movie on the TV. This can be done by downloading our Virtual Set-Top Box onto your mobile device.

Link TV also has added benefits such as Cloud DVR, which lets you record, pause, rewind and fast forward your programming. You can even restart a show with the click of a button using the free Restart TV feature. Another exciting add-on is Catch-Up TV, which allows you to watch a live TV show or event up to 24 hours after it originally aired, so you never have to miss your favourite shows!

The versatility and personalization starts from the very first step of picking your channel lineup. When signing up for the service, you’re able to choose from a variety of channel options including Single Picks, Theme Packs, build your own Pick Packs, and more. We also make sure that these options are available at an affordable, competitive price. On top of that, Link TV is a service that we offer contract free, which means that at any point, you are able to change your TV package to get the channels that suit your needs.

Where to Sign Up?

So what’s holding you back? A new flexible, personalized, and affordable TV service is just a few clicks away. If you are a new customer interested in Link TV, click here to learn more. If you are currently an Execulink customer, go to your MyExeculink account to sign up for Link TV and explore all of the different options you have to choose from to completely personalize your TV package.

 Happy watching!


Your Complete Fall TV Guide

Posted by bsolymar on September 7, 2017


The trees are starting to change, pumpkins and gourds are available in the grocery stores, the morning air is becoming crisp; it must be fall. The arrival of fall brings the return of our favourite TV shows and the launch of some notable new ones! If you are wondering what shows are playing when this fall, look no farther.  We have the ultimate guide to help you find out when your favourite shows air and on what channel!


Fear the Walking Dead (AMC) – Sept. 10

The Walking Dead (AMC) – Oct. 22

Ten Days in the Valley – Oct. 1

Outlander (W –Network) – Sept. 10

Heartland (CBC) – Sept. 24

The Simpsons (Global) – Oct. 1

The Deuce (HBO) – Sept. 10

Vice Principles (HBO) – Sept. 17


Murdoch Mysteries (CBC) – Sept. 25

Alias Grace (CBC) – Sept. 25

Lucifer (Fox) – Oct. 2

Big Bang Theory (CTV) – Sept. 25

Young Sheldon (CTV) – Sept. 25

The Good Doctor (CTV) – Sept. 25

The Gifted (CTV) – Oct. 2

The Voice (CTV) – Sept. 25

The Brave (Global) – Sept. 25


This is Us (CTV) – Sept. 26

Law & Order: The Mendez Murders (NBC) – Sept. 26

NCIS (Global) – Sept. 26

The Mayor (ABC) – Oct. 3

Fresh off the Boat (ABC) – Oct. 3

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World (ABC) – Oct. 3

American Horror Story: Cult (FX) – Sept. 5


Arrow (CTV) – Oct. 12

Criminal Minds (CTV) – Sept. 27

Seal Team (Global) – Sept. 27

Modern Family (ABC) – Sept. 27

Speechless (ABC) – Sept. 27

Designated Survivor (ABC) – Sept. 27


Dargon’s Den (CBC) – Sept. 28

Coronation Street (CBC) – Sept. 14

How to Get Away with Murder (CTV) – Sept. 28

Grey’s Anatomy (CTV) – Sept. 28

Will & Grace (NBC) – Sept. 28

Scandal (ABC) – Oct. 5

Chicago Fire (Global) – Sept. 28

S.W.A.T. (Global) – Nov. 2


Kindred Spirits (TLC) – Sept. 25

Blue Bloods (CTV) – Sept. 29

Once Upon a Time (CTV) - Oct. 6

Marvel’s Inhumans (ABC) – Sept. 29


Halt and Catch Fire (AMC) – August 29

Saturday Night Football (ABC) – Sept. 2


There are so many great shows on this fall that you can curl up under a blanket and watch with the colder weather on its way.  Miss your favourite show? We have you covered! Use the Cloud-DVR or the Catch-Up feature with Link TV and enjoy TV anytime, anyplace! Happy Watching!