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How to Update the Settings of your Polycom Phone Sidecar

Check out the below video which details how Execulink customers can update the settings of their Polycom phone sidecar using the MyExeculink customer portal.

Softkey Reference Chart

Type of Key: Purpose:
Enhanced Monitored Extension Allows for Monitoring (on phone, idle, ringing), One-touch Blind Transfers, Speed Dials & Call Pickup.  Extensions Only!
Enhanced Speed Dial For One-touch Dialing and Blind Transfers to External Numbers (or Extensions).
Secondary Extension Additional Line/Call Appearance softkey(s) if the phone has more than one extension assigned to it (Each secondary extension requires 2 keys).
Voicemail For direct voicemail access if the phone is associated with more than one mailbox (Common requirement if the phone has secondary extensions).
Enhanced Call Park For Parking/Un-Parking and monitoring parked calls (if not programmed on the main phone interface).
Paging For Phone Paging (if not programmed on the main phone interface).
One Touch Transfer Transfer calls to external phone number

Softkey Number Selection based on Function:

Type of Key: Number to input:
Enhanced Monitored Extension 2 to 4 digit number (not the 10-digit WTN)
Enhanced Speed Dial 10 digits for External Numbers or 2 to 4 digits for Extensions
Secondary Extension 2-4 digit extension number (not the 10-digit WTN)
Voicemail 2-4 digit extension number (not the 10-digit WTN) of the voicemail box
Enhanced Call Park 1-3 digit Orbit number
Paging Paging Group Number