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Poly VVX450 Tutorial – Local Conference Calling

Your Poly Phone allows up to 3 parties (including yourself) to participate in a single call. This is referred to as a Local Conference Call or a 3-Way Conference Call.

Follow this video tutorial to learn how to make local conference calls on your Poly VVX 450 Phone from Execulink Telecom.

To create a local Conference Call with up to two other parties:

  • Engage the second party by either calling them or answering their call.
  • To contact the third party for the conference call, use the Function Keys and press MORE, then press CONFRNC. This will automatically place the active call on hold and you will hear a dial tone.
  • Dial the number of the third party you wish to add to the call and, using the Function Keys, press SEND.
  • Once the third party answers the call, using the Function Keys, press MORE and then press CONFRNC.
  • All three parties are now joined in the Conference Call.
  • To end the Conference Call, hang up your phone or press END CALL.

To place an active Conference Call on hold:

  • Press the HOLD key. The other parties will hear your Music on Hold recording.
  • To resume the Conference Call, using the Function Keys, press RESUME.

Ending the Conference Call:

  • To leave the conference call but keep both other parties connected, hang up your phone or press END CALL.
    To end the conference call for all parties, press the MORE function key and then the SPLT function key. Press END CALL for each line you want to disconnect.