7 Ingenious Ways to Repurpose Old Electronics

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Deciding what to do with old electronics is never an easy task. You can take them to an electronic recycling program or donate them. But have you ever considered using them for decorations or DIY projects around your home? That’s right, you can use your old electronics to make everyday household items, jewelry, or fun crafts. Check out this list below to kick start your repurposing projects!

1. CD Coasters: Take old CD’s that you don’t need or use, decorate them, and use them as coasters. This repurpose just needs some sand paper, fabric, old CD’s and glue.

2. Fish tank: Use a vintage TV or an old desktop computer screen to make a fish tank.
3. Sandwich Container: With all of those CD’s being turned into coasters, what are you going to do with the holder that held those burnable CD’s? Why not decorate the holder and then use it as a bagel or sandwich container.

4. Pet bed: Turn a vintage TV into a bed for your fluffy friends.
5. Storage Container: Use old floppy discs (yes, old floppy discs) to make a storage container by gluing them together.

6. Earrings: Use old keyboard keys or remote control buttons to make your own earrings.

7. Guitar Picks: Use old circuit boards to make a new guitar pick.


These are just a few of many different ways to repurpose your old electronic devices, and something to do other than just taking them to a recycling program. All of these options are environmentally friendly and your old technology will never go out of style!

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