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MORE_Good News, and Money in Your Pocket

Posted by istevens on January 19, 2017


MORE_Good News, and Money in Your Pocket

Great news!  Today, we are very excited to announce that we will be reducing the rates of many of our residential Internet packages, giving you, our neighbours, considerable savings. This is a very rare occurrence in our industry, as infrastructure, hardware costs and bandwidth costs only ever seem to rise. To be able to offer our customers a lower rate is truly a special kind of joy for us.

Why Are Rates Dropping?

The reason for these price decreases is due in part to a ruling by the CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission) in October of last year, which stated that the large incumbent providers were charging third-party ISPs (like us) too much to access what is called the “last mile” of their networks, from the street to the home. This ruling has made interim corrections to the prices the large incumbents are allowed to charge us for last-mile access.

In turn, this has allowed us to lower many of our rates and give back to our customers. When we win, you win.

How Can I Find Out About My New Rate?

We will be sending e-mails to affected customers notifying them of their new lower rate. In the meantime, you can also find the new rates on the website upon entering your postal code.

Again, we are delighted to be able to do this for our customers and thank them for their loyalty and support over the years.

Ian Stevens



Ian Stevens
, CEO of Execulink Telecom

I’m an engineer’s problem-solving brain in a businessman’s body. Throw in a hint of health nut, a side of avid skier, and a dose of outdoorsman and voila, you’ve got the recipe for me.

Wacky Winter Sports

Posted by cchalkley on January 13, 2017


It’s the middle of January and we are now in the thick of winter. There’s been snow on the ground and let’s not mention those double digit temperatures that we’ve already witnessed.  If you are like me and hate winter, this time of year can get pretty tough. No matter how many layers I put on, I can’t stand being outside in the cold for more than 5 minutes.  This time of year I start hibernating inside and cozying up with a glass of wine and binge watching my old favourite television shows. I just don’t get tired of watching Ross and Rachel’s comedic up and down relationship! “We were on a break!”

But there are many people out there that love winter and spending time outside in the snow.  These people can’t wait to hit the slopes and put on their skates. I am terrified of doing both those activities- (maybe that has a lot to do with my feelings towards winter).  Hockey seems to be the quintessential winter sport in Canada.  But there are a few off the radar sports that some people have found to be exciting winter passtimes. Let’s take a look at some of these wacky winter sports:

Skijoring is where a person on skis is pulled by a horse, dog or a motor vehicle. It’s a sport that comes from Scandinavia and now made its way to North America.  Skijoring can be done like cross country skiing where you can follow a trail or as a race with obstacles and ramps. Fun fact, Skijoring was in the 1928 St. Moritz Switzerland Winter Olympics.


Wok Racing is exactly what you think it sounds like. A person races down a bobsled track on specially designed woks with added handle bars. Inspired by a German TV show in 2003, wok racing became so popular it turned into a real sport which can be competed in as an individual or as a team. So now when you think of making a stir fry, you now might also think about taking your wok outside to play after.

Wok Racing

Shovel Racing began when ski lift operators used shovels to make it quickly down to the bottom of the slope. This sport is simple; all you need is a standard snow shovel and a toboggan hill.  The rider sits on the shovel, leans back and keeps their feet pointed forward. Fun fact- in 1997 shovel racing was featured in the X Games, but was quickly removed for safety reasons.

Shovel Racing

Baseboarding is a hybrid of skeleton, bodyboarding and tobogganing. A person rides face first down a hill on an aerodynamic board. The Bromely Baseboard has been developed by four-time Olympian Kristian Bromely. You can find baseboarding at Whistler Olympic Park in British Columbia. This sport is suitable for anyone aged 8 and up and you doesn’t require any prior experience. 

Our last winter “sport” was apparently founded by the Georgia Tech swim team. They were on the road when they found out that their swim meet had been cancelled. They were also snowed in—stuck in their hotel room in Virginia. So, they decided to do what any swim team does when they’re snowed in-- some outdoor snow swimming. They snow swam in different styles including backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle. Watch out this may catch on as a new winter sport.

Now these sports all seem kinda crazy to me and I’m sure all of you reading this may stick to the popular winter sports like hockey, skiing, tobogganing and ice skating. To be honest even those sports all seem crazy to me. I may be the only Canadian out there that feels lost while watching hockey (Sorry Canada-- don’t hate me for saying that!)  So next time we get a big snow fall and the ground is all covered, go get a shovel or a wok and have some fun…. or be like me and get all cozy on a couch, turn on your favourite tv show and pour a glass of wine. Now that sounds like fun to me. 


References: Wikipedia
Skijording Picture:  Kaila Angello
Shovel Racing Picture: Lynn Eubank
Wok Racing Picture: DPA



Christine Chalkley, Marketing Coordinator

I love things that make me laugh including sitcoms, sketch comedy and anything my kid does. When it comes to parenting I take Amy Poehler’s advice: “Always remember where you put your kid. Don’t let your kid drive until their feet can reach the pedals. Use the right size diapers... for yourself. And, when in doubt, make funny faces.”

Cool New Tech To Look Forward to This Year

Posted by cchalkley on January 6, 2017


The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is held every January in Las Vegas. This year is the 50th annual conference and it will showcase over 3,800 exhibiting companies including manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware. During this event some of the biggest tech companies unveil their newest tech innovations. The products showcased at this conference will be good an indicator of what cool new products might be coming on the market. Check out this neat infographic of “Milestones in the Technology Industry” that charts out what dates products were unveiled during this conference.  


The products trending at this year’s CES includes artificial intelligence, virtual reality, new television models, smart technologies including wearable tech and smart appliances for the home. Here’s a list of some cool new products that were featured this year.

Zera Food Recycler by WLabs is a home composter that is to help reduce food waste. This will hold a week’s worth of food and converts it into homemade fertilizer within 24 hours. It is designed to fit into your kitchen and uses your daily food scraps. It uses oxygen, a plant based additive and an agitator that will break down the food. 

Zera Food

iRobot Braava jet Mopping Robot is similar to a robot vacuum, but this is a wet mop to tackle your hardwood, tile and stone flooring. It comes with 3 cleaning pads: a wet mop that will remove dirt and stains, a damp sweep that will clean dust while leaving a clean scent, and a dry sweep to remove dust and pet hair. 


Motiv Ring is an activity tracker that’s a ring. It has similar features to what you expect from a fitness tracker, heart rate sensor, step counter and sleep duration. It’s made out of ultralight Titanium and is also waterproof. It comes in 7 ring sizes and 2 colours. 

Motiv Ring

Foldimate – The Robotic Laundry Folding Machine will fold laundry quickly and consistently. It will even perfume, soften and de-wrinkle while it folds!


Whirlpool All-in-One Care Washer/Dryer Combo washes and dries your clothes in one machine. No need to transfer any clothes between machines. It includes a bulk laundry detergent dispenser, so you can fill it up with your detergent ahead of time and have to refill only twice a month.

Whirlpool washer

WalabotDIY lets you look inside your walls to help with renovation projects. It will detect the location and depth of pipes, studs, wires and even rodents.


Smartypans is a cooking pan that has temperature and weight sensors that can help assist with your cooking. It will provide step by step instructions and computes calories of the food you are cooking. This would help make sure you don’t burn or undercook your meals!


Willow Wearable Breast Pump is a hands free, wireless and tubeless breast pump. It’s designed to fit in your bra and to be more discreet then a traditional pump.

Willow Pump

Lego Boost is an educational codable toy robot. It is a set of motors and programmable bricks that can work with existing Lego kits to turn them into motorized toys.

Lego Boost

LG 4K OLED W series is a new TV model that is just 2.57MM thick. This TV is super thin and just 17 pounds for its 65” model. This model is designed only to be mounted on your wall and when mounted will sit flush against the wall. There is a soundbar as well that is included that also houses its HDMI inputs.


And lastly, the Kerastase Hair Coach is a smart hairbrush. It’s made with boar and nylon bristles and will collect data about your hair. It will provide you with a daily hair score and product advice on how you can fix your dry, damaged and tangled hair. Not sure I would buy a $200 hair brush that’s connected to the internet, unless it would literally cut and style my hair for me. But maybe if someone has enough bad hair days this might be the right product. 


With over 3,800 companies from 150 countries attending this conference, there were many cool innovations that were unveiled this week. While we only featured a few in this blog, there will definitely be some cool new products to watch out for this year. 



Christine Chalkley, Marketing Coordinator

I love things that make me laugh including sitcoms, sketch comedy and anything my kid does. When it comes to parenting I take Amy Poehler’s advice: “Always remember where you put your kid. Don’t let your kid drive until their feet can reach the pedals. Use the right size diapers... for yourself. And, when in doubt, make funny faces.”

Free Apps to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Posted by iromansky on January 3, 2017


New Year’s resolutions are a nice idea. I say “idea” because most of them are forgotten soon after they’re made. In fact, a 2015 study found that although roughly 45% of Americans usually make New Year’s resolutions, only 8% of them actually achieve them. Another survey, conducted two minutes ago with myself as the only participant, concluded that the all-encompassing reason for people’s failure to achieve their goals is that they had not yet read this extremely helpful article. Keep reading to learn about mobile apps that will make keeping your resolutions easier so that we can bring the success rate up by next year!

Get Fit

The most commonly made New Year’s resolution year after year is to get fit or lose weight. Because of this, there are about a million apps that revolve around at-home ab workouts, leg exercises, cardio training programs…the list goes on. But what’s going to keep you going back to those apps? We’re thinking things like competition, challenges, and gamification (applying elements of game playing into another facet of life – such as workout apps)! Here are a few that use some of those elements to keep you on track.


When you think of personal trainers, you probably don’t think of the word “free”. They usually come at a pretty high price, but Fitnet allows you to have one right on your phone or iPad at no cost at all! After entering your fitness goal, you’re presented with a variety of workout videos that you can follow along with. Now, here’s the motivation – the camera on your phone or iPad captures your movements while you’re matching the trainer’s moves, and gives you real-time feedback on your performance! It’s like having someone there coaching you, so you’re way more likely to keep up with it instead of pretending to be doing crunches while actually taking a quick nap.

30 Day Cardio Challenge

The idea of this app is that you’ll do a bit of cardio that increases in intensity each day, in the comfort of your own home, with no gym equipment. So you’re steadily building up your endurance, but still have a “challenge” to complete. I like this app because it presents a goal within a manageable time frame – 30 days doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

Zombies, Run!

Okay so this is the only app on the list that isn’t free. It was just too cool not to write about. Basically, you plug your headphones into your phone, start running outside or on a treadmill, and you’re immediately told that it’s the zombie apocalypse and that you have multiple missions to go on. They involve collecting supplies along the way and actually allocating them (and this affects the rest of the gameplay), following complex storylines, and even getting chased by zombies! You have to run faster or slower depending on your status in the game – like if a zombie is 4 feet behind you, for example – and I imagine this is extremely motivating. This app is $3.99 on the app store or Google Play!

Eat Healthy

Eating healthy ties in pretty well with the first New Year’s resolution, so it’s near the top of a lot of people’s lists of things they hope to accomplish this year. Thankfully, there are a ton of apps to help.


Lark is described as a “personal weight loss coach and 24/7 nutritionist”. I downloaded it just to see how it works, and it was pretty interesting. It tracks your activity on a graph, asks about your meals, and gives you feedback on their nutrition. It even gives you advice on what you should be eating instead, without directly counting calories or making you feel bad. It even sends you notifications that look like texts if you haven’t logged a meal in a while just to keep you on track.

Noom Coach

This app, on the other hand, allows you to keep a very detailed record of all of your food consumed and all of the nutrition information (including a calorie count) in each meal. The app then gives you advice on how to change your eating habits to meet certain goals, and even allows you the option to join online communities to interact with people with similar goals to you so you’ll stay motivated.


If you really want to start eating healthy but you’re not ready to commit to learning to cook with all-natural ingredients quite yet, HealthyOut might be the app for you. All you have to do is enter your address and the type of healthy meal you’re looking for – it offers specifications like low calorie, high protein, low carb, paleo, and so on – and it will give you a ton of dishes in the area offered by local restaurants, as well as their nutrition information. Then you can either order them on the spot or have a lovely night out! No shopping or cooking required.

Be More Organized

I feel like we could all do with being a little more organized. Whether it’s keeping our work calendars up to date, remembering people’s birthdays, or remembering to check the traffic conditions, there’s always some area that we could use a bit of help with. These apps will be all the help you need!

Google Now 

This basically seems like the only “app” you’d ever need to organize all of your things in one place. It’s technically an intelligent personal assistant rather than an app, but it reminds you about events, restaurant reservations and birthdays, alerts you about traffic and weather conditions, gives you suggestions for nearby events…it seems like Google Now does it all. Unfortunately, it’s only available for Android, but we’ll take what we can get.


Evernote seems like another app that allows you to have all of your things all in one place, which is very helpful for staying organized. You can set reminders, take pictures, make lists, and save things you find online, then have them all on one online database to have for later. Sounds convenient to me!

Learn to Budget and Save Money

Extra money is a good thing. We can agree on this. But extra money doesn’t happen unless we know how to intelligently manage our money and make smart financial decisions! These apps will do their best to help you become a financial virtuoso.


This is a service you sign up for online for free rather than an app you download, but it sounds like it makes your life a whole lot easier. It puts your bills, credit card balances, and account information all on one dashboard, and helps lay out budgets for different areas of your life. It also gives your financial tips, and sends alerts when there’s unusual account activity. Did I mention this is all on one simple dashboard? Just one place to go for all of your finance info – I like the sound of that!

Pocket Expense

Pocket Expense does most of the same things as Mint.com, but also automatically categorizes your spending habits into sections like groceries, clothes, entertainment, and calculates what percentage of your budget is spent on each category. This feature sounds like an interesting one to try out, even if just for interest’s sake!

Learn a New Language

This is another big contender on the list of top New Year’s resolutions. People want to know they’re becoming smarter and learning new things as they get older, and learning a new language is just one way to do that. These apps will help you learn a whole new language and have fun while doing it!


I can speak from personal experience with this app – it’s awesome! I took a couple of Italian language classes in school and I decided to try this out alongside it, and it was a lot of fun. You can choose from around 23 languages to learn and from there, you’re taught the very basics, then some simple words like types of food, animals, and so on. And they’re all in game format! So there are multiple levels and points – it’s very motivating.


This app is a language-learning app like Duolingo, but it seems to be more structured and less game-y. It also allows you to interact with native speakers of the language you wish you learn, which is a really cool feature! There are 12 languages to learn in total, so you better get started ASAP!

With the wide range of apps to keep you on track with your New Year’s resolution, whatever it may be, there’s no excuse not to get out there and accomplish your goals. 2017 is a brand new year, and it’s up to you to make it amazing.



Caitlin Feehan, Blogger & Editor

Converse have been my footwear of choice for the past 9 years, I’m convinced that all doors and sidewalks are conspiring against me, and I enjoy sticking my head out of the passenger window on long car rides.

Execulink Telecom's A Year in Review

Posted by cchalkley on December 29, 2016


2016 is coming to a close and it’s hard to believe that another year has passed before our eyes.  We wanted to take the time to reflect on this past year’s great moments at Execulink! So let’s stroll down memory lane in this 2016 A Year in Review.

In January we had our More_Giveaways contest giving away 3 exceptional prizes: FitBit Surge, GoPro Hero 4 and a Surface Pro 4.


For Family Day we were in Forest for our 5th annual Family Day at the Movies.

Forest Movie

On July 13th we hosted a Summer Customer Appreciation Event in Thedford.

July 27th we were in Poplar Hill for our Summer Customer Appreciation Event.

Our 3rd Summer Customer Appreciation event was in Delhi on August 10th.

Our final Summer Customer Appreciation event was in Burgessville August 24th.

In the spirit of the 2016 Rio Olympics, our Execulink employees competed in events like ‘holding a plank the longest’ and ‘the most push-ups’.


We announced 3 winners in our annual Scholarship program


In September we visited downtown Delhi during the annual Delhi Fall Festival.

Delhi Fall Fest

For back to school in September our  More_Giveaways contest gave away 3 more exceptional prizes: an iPad Air, Samsung 50” TV and a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge!


We were at the Greater KW Chamber of Commerce Inspiring Women Event on September 22nd.

Inspiring Women

We held a Fibre Info Session for residents in Denfield and Carlisle.



No shortage of Halloween spirit in our Execulink office during our annual Halloween festivities.


Grade 9 students visited our Execulink office for Take Our Kids to Work Day.

Kids Work Day

On November 18th we held Execulink’s Day at the Movies in Woodstock.

Woodstock Movie

Our Execulink office gets festive with our Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree

On December 6th we hosted Woodstock Chamber of Commerce’s Business After 5 event in our Woodstock office.


We supported Youth Opportunities Unlimited You in our annual Holiday Giving Campaign.

Holiday Donation

We wrote 115 Execublog posts in 2016 and here are our top 5 blogs from the past year!

Roll up the Rim is back

Local Company Launches Canada’s First Virtual Realty Arcade

Top 10 New Shows We’re Looking Forward To

Pokemon Go: One Trainer’s Tale

Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Google Search

Here are some great things our customers have said about us this year:

“Execulink is AMAZING!!! Thank you for all your support. Your tech support doesn't even compare to the competition, please keep it that way!! :)” -TonyaHere are some great things our customers have said about us this year:

"Execulink is by far the best out of all the other service providers. Never had a problem with Execulink. The services are top of the line. Their customer service is incredibly helpful and so polite; just like talking to a buddy. Technical support are so helpful and knowledgeable. I have been with the other guys. Execulink for life for my family." -Mike

"Great service, friendly staff best you’re going get. This I know, have tried every option available." -Downey

"Execulink is the only internet provider I have ever used. No complaints here. Most helpful staff, stay with you on the line until you get your problem solved. Excellent company." -Sadie

"Great customer service. I never had a problem that wasn't solved in a very efficient manner. Keep up the great work you do." -Josie

"I wanted to inform you about the excellent performance of your technical support team! Their help and patience is above the call of duty! You should be very proud of their work! This is one of the main reasons I have Execulink as my internet provider for many years!! Cheers!" -Joan 

2016 was a great and fun year at Execulink with many successes and moments to celebrate.  We are looking forward to 2017 and we wish everyone all the best in the New Year!



Christine Chalkley, Marketing Coordinator

I love things that make me laugh including sitcoms, sketch comedy and anything my kid does. When it comes to parenting I take Amy Poehler’s advice: “Always remember where you put your kid. Don’t let your kid drive until their feet can reach the pedals. Use the right size diapers... for yourself. And, when in doubt, make funny faces.”